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    Create Your Own Mosaic Bird Bath

    mosaic bird bath

    Bird Baths are a wonderful way to view birds in your backyard. A fresh water source will attract more species of birds than bird feeders or birdhouses alone. Water also helps create critical pockets of wildlife-friendly habitat where urban sprawl has taken over the natural landscape.

    You can make your own bird bath rather quickly and inexpensively should you be feeling a little “crafty”. This great article from Birds and Blooms Magazine explains clearly and simply how to make a mosaic bird bath. With all materials listed, it gives concise, step-by-step directions for creating your own masterpiece. And not artwork to just lay around the house, but something to be used and enjoyed over the years by many feathered friends!

    Just copy and paste this link in your browser’s address bar:

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    Vibrant & Versatile Mosaic Bird Baths

    mosaic bird baths

    For whimsical designs and vibrant colors, nothing beats the artful designs displayed in mosaic bird baths. With rich hues that are available in many combinations, the choices are endless! Mosaic tiles are durable enough to withstand a birdbath heater in winter, and will not fade or discolor is summer heat. Glazed tiles also help to keep bath water cooler in sweltering summer temperatures.

    A pedestal bird bath creates a wonderful focal point in any yard, plus a fresh water source is the most effective way to attract more birds and keep them coming back. Creating a bird-friendly habitat is really quite simple by providing food, water and shelter. Bird houses, bird feeders and bird baths used together will ensure a greater variety of songbirds visiting your yard!

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    Add Mosaic Bird Bath for a Fresh Water Source

    mosaic bird bath

    Clean Feathers Fly Better!

    Wild birds require a consistent fresh water source (year round) to properly preen feathers for optimal flight conditions.  Some bird baths are actually too deep for birds to bathe and wade comfortably. The maximum depth of bath water should be no more than 3 inches.  The mosaic bird bath above, is shallow and perfect for feathered friends to drink and bathe.  If your bath has a deeper center, consider placing a large rock in it so birds can perch.

    In warmer weather, water tends to stay cooler and fresher longer if the bath is placed in the shade. In freezing winter months, place baths in full sun if possible.  Mosaic, ceramic, copper, and glass birdbaths also have the capacity to hold a birdbath heater during frigid weather, a life saver for many birds during tough winter months.

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    Mosaic Bird Baths for Vibrant Colors

    Mosaic Bird Baths

    Adding color to your environment brings it to life!

    Whether planting annuals, or adding garden accents, a small burst of color will have a large impact.  Functional art for your yard makes good sense, and birdbaths fit the bill.  You can attract more feathered friends with a fresh water source, and frankly, the birds aren’t too choosey when it comes to bath designs.  The only requirements are that the bath be clean, and water levels shallow enough for birds to bathe and wade comfortably.  Optimal water depth is 2-3 inches-maximum.

    Mosaic Bird Baths are available in whimsical designs with fun, vibrant colors.  One of the advantages of mosaics is they are able to accommodate a bath heater in winter, giving birds a year-round water source to count on in frigid weather.  This is a critical time for wild birds as most natural water sources tend to freeze, leaving them unable to bathe and properly preen feathers.

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    Add a Dripper to a Mosaic Bird Bath

    Mosaic Bird Bath

    Moving water will entice and attract more wild birds to your yard!

    These days, several reasonably priced items that create moving water are available for you to add to a birdbath.  We have an old mosaic bird bath that has a copper dripper in it, and birds flock to it!  Hummingbirds can be seen bathing under the “drips”  when larger birds aren’t around.

    Other easy ways of adding moving include water wigglers and leaf misters.  Butterflies and warblers enjoy the fine mist, and are seen daily at our two misters.Water Wigglers

    The misters are versatile and can be used in a birdbath, staked in the ground, or hung from the deck or front porch, like we use ours.  Add moving water to your habitat and watch the tremendous increase in wild bird species and their numbers.  Another advantage of having moving water in your bird bath is that mosquitoes can not lay their eggs…just can’t happen in moving water.

    Wild Bird Mister

    So now you’ve seen some moving water in our own yard, maybe that’s why bird food must be rationed…they eat us out of house and home!  Hope you’ve gotten some aquatic ideas for your feathered friends too, they’ll surely appreciate it!

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