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    Greenpeace: Obama must shelve Arctic drilling plans, call for offshore moratorium

    WASHINGTON – Following the announcement by President Obama that there will be no expansion of offshore drilling until investigations into the BP Deepwater Disaster are complete, Greenpeace Executive Director, Philip Radford made the following statement:

    “The President’s announcement today, while a welcome first step, does not go nearly far enough. The only way to prevent human, economic and environmental tragedies like the BP Deepwater Disaster is to re-enact the moratorium on offshore drilling and to replace dirty dangerous fuels with clean energy.

    On April 2nd, President Obama said: “It turns out, by the way, that oil rigs today generally don’t cause spills.  They are technologically very advanced.”  Days later, the BP Deepwater Spill began.

    One of the President’s first steps to start making the shift to clean energy should be to require that all new cars are manufactured with existing plug-in technologies that run at 100 miles per gallon by 2015. In addition, President Obama should shelve the plans to allow Shell to drill in the Arctic this summer. The Coast Guard calls a spill in the Arctic a ‘nightmare scenario’ due to the difficulties in cleaning spills in the Arctic.  If we cannot handle a spill in the Gulf of Mexico, imagine the impact even a small spill could have in the remote, pristine waters of the Arctic.

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    Birdbaths Attract More Species

    The single, most effective way to attract more birds to your yard is with a fresh water source. Many birds who may may never even visit a feeder, or use a birdhouse require and seek the life sustaining element of water. Birdbaths are a simple and inexpensive way to offer water and attract more feathered friends. The optimal depth of water for birds to bathe and wade comfortably is about two inches. If the bath is deeper, consider placing a large rock in the center for birds to perch.

    Adding a nice architectural element to a yard, pedestal birdbaths are available in traditional concrete or stone. A heater may be added to these during frigid winter months, when a water source is also crucial to birds. The newer poly-resin material is made to look like stone, but without the weight, they’re much easier to clean too. Hanging birdbaths are a great choice if space is limited, plus they tend to keep birds safer from ground predators. Birds tend to bathe naturally on the ground, and you can even make a nice ground birdbath using a large, attractive plant saucer and surrounding it with rocks or other natural materials. This option is not recommended if ground predators are present in the area. Consider raising the bath by placing the saucer on a large upturned pot.

    With summer temperatures feeling like they’re getting hotter and hotter, offering birds water may really make the difference between life and death for some of them. Keeping birdbaths in the yard is most inexpensive, kindest thing you can do for birds in summer!

    The robin pictured above above has enjoyed his bath so much that he’s splashed all the water out! Good thing there’s another birdbath directly below it for others to partake.

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    Hanging Bird Baths Do Double-Duty

    As hot as the past few summers have been, providing a fresh water source for feathered friends is crucial. It’s a life-saving element in many instances. The bath needn’t be an elaborate one, as water is the prize, and guaranteed….it attracts birds like no other accessory.

    Hanging bird baths are a great option if trying to decide on a new bath. They keep birds safe from ground predators because of the height at which they are hung. They’re easy to clean as most are made in ceramic, glass, or plastic inserts that fit in a decorative holder. You have various mounting options with hanging bird baths: any branch, or a shepherds hook, or a mounting bracket from a deck or porch. But the best thing is that they do double-duty!

    As winter approaches and temperatures drop, hanging bird baths may be used as bird feeders too. And not just for seed, the platform area allows you to feed a variety of treats to birds. Suet, peanuts, mealworms or any mix of food may be used with ease. So change it up according to season, and instead of turning the birdbath upside down for winter storage, help birds to thrive by offering nutritious, high energy foods for them during those tough winter months.