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    hand-feed hummers with this window hummingbird feeder set

    window hummingbird feeder doubles as a hand feeder for hummersSomething very special about hummingbirds makes them most endearing to us. Perhaps it’s their tiny size, lightening fast antics, or the sheer distance of their migration which we find so fascinating? Their behavior is just cute, even when it come to their territorial displays, which can sometimes be maddening!

    They say patience is a virtue, and it is with patience you can train hummingbirds to feed by hand. This set of small feeders consists of a window hummingbird feeder and a staked feeder for potted plants.

    Once hummingbirds become familiar with these feeders, the stakes, or bases, are meant to be hand-held. Sitting very quiet and still, while holding this window hummingbird feeder will entice the tiny sprites to drink from them while you’re holding the feeder in your hand!close up of window hummingbird feeder and hand-fed hummer

    The set is complete with two extra feeding tubes and caps. One Feeder is meant to be placed directly on the window, while the other is upright and staked. Copper stems are sturdy but adjustable. A great hobby to try this or next hummingbird season. Patience is the key… because “if you build it – they will come”!

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    cool peanut bird feeders offer versatility

    solid copper architectural peanut bird feederAll bird feeders are not created equal!

    Many of the standards are made to hold one kind of food. Thistle feeders for example, are only functional with thistle or nyjer seed. Hopper type feeders work with several kinds of seed mixes, or black oil sunflower, but not with peanuts, fruit, or suet. And suet feeders won’t hold seed, no matter how large the morsels may be in size.

    Some peanut bird feeders however, will accommodate other treats to further entice feathered friends. This solid copper peanut bird feeder is hand crafted with superb quality. The architectural design is pleasing to the eye with it’s clean lines and modern form. The copper will turn to a lovely patina finish over time. But the real beauty in peanut bird feeders like this is versatility. Offering shelled or whole peanuts in cold weather for your local resident birds, food may be changed with seasons to attract migratory birds as well. Fruit works well with this design, as does suet and nugget-type treats. That’s like having three or four bird feeders in one!

    Also being hand crafted in the USA, you know you’ll be supporting local artists and our economy. So, for the next wild bird feeder, you may want to keep in mind the versatility factor and buying USA made art.

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    bird cams capture a window to the secret world

    Nesting Eastern Bluebirds video spotted on YouTube provides fantastic video and wonderful still shots that capture any birder’s heart. This camera lets us view male and female blues at a Gilbertson Nest Box.

    Bird Cams capture a secret window into the world of nature that only few are lucky enough to experience. Having been on the market for several years now, bird cams, or bird watching cameras, have really come down in price making them more affordable than ever. The technology and ease of use has also improved, making bird cams more user-friendly and accessible for everyone.