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    Keep Mosquitoes Away: Attract More Birds with moving Water Features

    If you’re anything like me you love summer!  I love the later evening sunsets, the sound of cicadas singing their song and if there is a body of water within 100 miles, I’d like to be in it.  Picture this,  it’s a hot summer Saturday, you’re sitting poolside with a margarita in hand at a family BBQ and suddenly you find yourself swatting a long needled pest sitting at a country buffet of your blood, a Mosquito.  It’s the gross reality of summer.  Not only do mosquitos leave behind ichy and sometimes large welts, they also carry with them illness-causing diseases that can wreak havoc on your immune system.

    Never fear, NATURE IS HERE.   Birds are a GREAT all-natural option to help keep mosquitos to a minimum in your yard this summer.   Various species of birds are known for their nack of ridding yards across the United States with my summer time enemy.

    1. Purple Martins – The Mosquito Slayer.    These guys are known for their incredible ability to hunt these pesky insects.  They come in large families that make them really effective in controlling Mosquito populations.
    2. Chickadees & Titmice – Tiny but Mighty.  They may be small in size, but pack a punch when it comes to keeping mosquitos in check.  Trust us, you’ll want them on your side.
    3. Swallows – To-Go Order.   These guys are remarkable.  They can catch mosquitos mid flight, making them excellent hunters you’d love to see in your yard.

    You’ll want to attract several of these heavy hitters if you’d like to keep mosquitos out of your yard this summer.   The best way to attract birds in summertime is by providing food water or shelter.  In this case, lets take a look at water.  Providing your feathered friends with a cool space for them to splash around in water is absolutely paramount. In the heat of summer there’s simply no better way to entice friendly fliers than with moving water!

    Accessories for bird baths and leaf misters will absolutely bring more birds (and butterflies) to the garden. Because Copper Hummingbird Bird Bath Dripperthey keep water from becoming stagnant, it stays fresher and mosquitoes can’t lay their eggs in it either.

    Both solar fountains and those using electricity recirculate water in bird baths. Drippers and leaf misters run off the outdoor spigot and although very slow and adjustable, do utilize a continuous water flow. They come as complete kits with everything required to be up & running in minutes… no kidding!

    Leaf Mister on plant stake offers easy mobilityLeaf misters offer lots of options for placement too. You can attach them to a branch or trellis, (50 ft. of rubber tubing is included) attach to a deck bracket or even a simple plant stake in the garden. We prefer the latter as the mister may easily be moved around to benefit the garden by watering different sections daily.

    Butterflies especially adore the gentle mist, while hummingbirds and other songbirds like chickadees and bluebirds will wait for them to start each morning… it’s like a spa for them and makes a spectacular viewing experience for host too.Swallowtail on lantana with leaf mister nearby Place leaf misters near nectar-producing plants like lantana and enjoy the show!

    Moving water in a bird bath or somewhere in the landscape is the ticket to seeing more bird activity during warm summer months. In fall, simply pack them up and store away for next season. A one-time investment that promises to bring many seasons of use and enjoyment… and more winged activity to your place!