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    Quick Preparations are like a face lift for bird baths

    bird bath with water wigglerGeorgia weather can be so finicky, we usually get cheated out of any decent spring and fall weather. With the last few days in the 70’s and nights around 50 degrees, a cold snap is headed our way. Predicted low temperatures are below freezing starting tomorrow night, until of course, we are back in the 70’s again next week.

    There are several bird baths in the yard, (no – make that too many bird baths in the yard) that won’t fare well in freezing temperatures. The concrete pedestal bath for one, along with the ceramic pedestal bath will definitely crack. The plastic ground bath with the dripper will do the same.

    I never really understood how folks could just dump the water and turn their bird baths over for winter? Fresh water is a critical element for birds’ winter survival. When temperatures drop below freezing, most shallow pools and ponds tend to freeze, leaving many wild birds no immediate water source.

    In lieu of the nearing cold snap, tomorrow’s chores include winter preparations for feathered friends, almost a bird bath face lift if you will. Removing summer bath copper dripper in a bird bathaccessories like water wigglers (shown above) and drippers like this one, and adding heaters to the baths will keep birds flocking and happy! The deck-mounted bath conceals its heater inside, so it just needs to be plugged in…yay!

    Adding heaters to your existing bird baths is one of the best ways to keep birds around. Last year our Eastern Bluebirds over-wintered, staying around through one of the nastiest winters on record.

    Help feathered friends to thrive and flourish during frigid winter weather by creating a wildlife-friendly habitat with a consistent fresh water source, food and shelter.

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    Heated Bird Baths Allow Some Birds to Over-Winter

    Classic Cedar Heated Bird BathWith the end of summer, so comes the migration south for many song birds. A few favorites may stick around if their habitat suits them well enough. Bluebirds in my yard for example, surprised me last year when they decided to over-winter. Probably because of the juicy live worms they were offered everyday, and mostly because of the heated bird baths in the yard. This season we had three successful broods!

    Heated bird baths really are important to wild birds. As temperatures drop and local water sources tend to freeze over, the baths offer an oasis for drinking and bathing. Clean feathers are a must for birds to stay warm too. When you see them “puff up” it is a mechanism they use to retain body heat. Some folks believe birds can eat snow for water, and they can, but it takes them many calories to convert the snow to water. And these are precious calories needed to just stay warm.

    If you already have a favorite bath, please don’t empty it and turn it over for winter. Consider adding a heater or deicer to it for the birds. They need fresh water in winter just as much as hot summThe Rock Birdbath Heater with Thermostater months. Many of the newer heaters are safe for use with all bird baths, so there’s no worry about having a metal heater in a plastic or resin bath. The Heated Rock for example, is an innovative new heater that’s safe with all types of baths. Mat-type heaters can be used with all baths as well.

    Help birds to thrive and flourish this winter by offering a consistent fresh water source with heated bird baths. You never know who may surprise you and decide to stick around?

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    Bird Baths Handcrafted the Old Fashioned Way

    Hand Crafted Pedestal Bird BathWant to entice more feathered friends? Better than any birdhouse or bird feeder, bird baths really do the trick. Fresh water is very appealing to many species, even those who may never visit a feeder or use a birdhouse.The water element is in fact the most crucial one when creating a wildlife habitat.

    If you fancy the nicer things in your garden, there are pedestal type bird baths that are still crafted the old fashioned way by talented artisans. Fine clays are used to create elegant designs, many are even hand painted. The Best Friends Bird Bath shown at left features an intricate relief of cats and dogs. The character is charming, and you can be sure birds will love it too! With a patented locking lid system for added stability, this bath will last for many seasons of use.

    Although the production methods differ significantly they share certain features – an emphasis on quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail, offering beautiful, American-made bird baths and garden decor.Hand Painted Bird Bath with Matching Planter

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    Bird Baths Will Have Them Flocking!

    By and large, a fresh water source will attract more birds to your yard! The best single way to entice feathered friends is with bird baths. Many species who may never visit a feeder, or even use a birdhouse to nest, will visit a birdbath with fresh water in it. Many styles will compliment an environment nicely by using design elements that are found in nature itself.

    This hand made pedestal birdbath is also hand painted. Cheery Goldfinches perched on graceful branches is such a scene found in nature. These kinds of ceramic baths really do enhance the garden or yard, and bring it to life once discovered by birds.

    The bath doesn’t have to be a pedestal type either, hanging bird baths are also wonderful for attracting birds. And if it’s a close-up view you’d like, deck-mount bird baths bring the action right to your window. Hanging and deck mounted bird baths are also perfect for smaller spaces. While birds tend to bathe at ground level in the wild, raised baths are preferred if predators lurk in the yard.

    The optimal water depth for bird baths is really only two to three inches. This is the depth where birds can bathe and wade comfortably. If the birdbath is deeper, a large rock may be placed in the center for birds to perch. Adding a birdbath to your yard will positively impact the numbers and different species who will visit…try it and see!

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    Vibrant & Versatile Mosaic Bird Baths

    mosaic bird baths

    For whimsical designs and vibrant colors, nothing beats the artful designs displayed in mosaic bird baths. With rich hues that are available in many combinations, the choices are endless! Mosaic tiles are durable enough to withstand a birdbath heater in winter, and will not fade or discolor is summer heat. Glazed tiles also help to keep bath water cooler in sweltering summer temperatures.

    A pedestal bird bath creates a wonderful focal point in any yard, plus a fresh water source is the most effective way to attract more birds and keep them coming back. Creating a bird-friendly habitat is really quite simple by providing food, water and shelter. Bird houses, bird feeders and bird baths used together will ensure a greater variety of songbirds visiting your yard!

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    Bird Baths Simply Do Attract More Birds

    bird bathsSure, bird feeders attract wild birds, as do birdhouses. But unless you’ve added a fresh water source like a bird bath to your little habitat…you don’t know what you’re missing!

    Fresh water attracts more song birds, as some may not ever frequent a feeder. Add a bath accessory to create moving water, like a dripper or water wiggler, and you’ve just created an absolute bird magnet!

    Bird Baths are available in every possible shape, size, and color imaginable. The fiberglass or resin models, resist molding and scale build-up unlike their concrete cousins. The light-weight factor makes them a breeze to clean as well.  Many of these bird baths come with hollow pedestals to allow for filling with rocks or sand.  This helps to stabilize the bath, and make it more sturdy.

    Fresh water in freezing winter months is critical to wild birds.  They do not eat snow, and require fresh water for preening feathers. Dirty feathers just don’t fly right!

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    Bird Baths that Blend with Nature

    Bird Baths

    Sometimes subtle is just better…at least in the realm of wild bird accessories and landscapes. A soothing, more natural approach may be preferred.  Instead of  vibrant ceramic, or shiny copper bird baths, you may opt for something that actually looks like it’s part of the environment.

    This birdbath fits the bill to a T!  The realistic natural tree bark finish makes it seem like the actual landscape it adorns.  Durable molded fiberglass makes for simple maintenace too, an important factor sometimes overlooked when purchasing a birdbath.  Complete with an ivy-leafy copper dripper, this bird bath will attract even more feathered friends with its gentle moving water.

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    Add a Dripper to a Mosaic Bird Bath

    Mosaic Bird Bath

    Moving water will entice and attract more wild birds to your yard!

    These days, several reasonably priced items that create moving water are available for you to add to a birdbath.  We have an old mosaic bird bath that has a copper dripper in it, and birds flock to it!  Hummingbirds can be seen bathing under the “drips”  when larger birds aren’t around.

    Other easy ways of adding moving include water wigglers and leaf misters.  Butterflies and warblers enjoy the fine mist, and are seen daily at our two misters.Water Wigglers

    The misters are versatile and can be used in a birdbath, staked in the ground, or hung from the deck or front porch, like we use ours.  Add moving water to your habitat and watch the tremendous increase in wild bird species and their numbers.  Another advantage of having moving water in your bird bath is that mosquitoes can not lay their eggs…just can’t happen in moving water.

    Wild Bird Mister

    So now you’ve seen some moving water in our own yard, maybe that’s why bird food must be rationed…they eat us out of house and home!  Hope you’ve gotten some aquatic ideas for your feathered friends too, they’ll surely appreciate it!

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    Mosaic Bird Baths

    mosaic bird bathsmosaic bird baths

    Colorful, whimsical and totally functional, mosaic bird baths are a great choice when considering pedestal type birdbath.

    They have the ability to hold a bath heater during winter, giving you a year-round birdbath.  Ceramic tile also helps keep water cooler in hot summer months.

    You can entice more birds in your yard with a fresh water source.  Some birds who do not use birdhouses or visit feeders will frequent a bird bath.  See a greater variety of wild birds with the addition of a birdbath.

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    Make Your Own Mosaic Bird Bath

    Mosaic Bird Bath

    According to Wikipedia, the term mosaic is defined as:  “the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other material. It may be a technique of decorative art, an aspect of interior decoration or of cultural and spiritual significance as in a cathedral. Small pieces, normally roughly cubic, of stone or glass of different colors, known as tesserae, (diminutive tessellae), are used to create a pattern or picture.”

    Several articles can be found on the internet with detailed instructions on making your own mosaic bird bath.  This can be a time consuming project involving three to four good chunks of time, but well worth it.  A mosaic bird bath can be a beautiful and functional piece of art for your landscape, that wild birds will love too!

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