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    Glass Butterfly Feeders and More

    Staked Glass butterfly feeder or bathInnovative by design, with beauty to compliment any environment, these glass butterfly feeders work perfectly in any garden setting. With their rich hues, the large hand-blown glass  flowers make for a fun and interesting focal point. Add versatility to this…and they become more than just feeders.

    In our yard a red one sits just below a leaf mister, and as the water collects in the flower, it  creates the perfect bath –  not only for butterflies, but birds too! The unique shape allows for feeding nectar or fruit to butterflies as well. Over-ripened fruit like bananas, melon, peaches, pears and more can easily be placed in the flower. Add nectar to this glass flower with or without the use of a sponge.

    When attracting butterflies, several factors come into play. Landscape and the use of flowers is an important one. Nectar producing plants, and host plants will yield the best results when used in conjunction with one another.

    A water source is very helpful too, but butterflies do not use birdbaths. Puddlers are more suited for attracting these “flying flowStoneware butterfly feeder or puddlerers”. Puddlers are just what the name implies, pools of water, or puddles. They can range from small to large, plastic or stoneware, raised or at ground level. This puddler is handcrafted of weatherproof stoneware, so it stays in the garden year-round. It gives butterflies a place to dry in the sun (after bathing) with its’ smooth rock-like surface. Some puddlers may even be used as butterfly feeders, with spaces for offering fruit or nectar.

    Butterfly accessories that are versatile and interchangeable are always a sure bet as you can try different things to see what works best for attracting these little guys to your garden.

    leaf mister next to a butterfly feederA leaf mister in our yard sits in front of a glass butterfly feeder. Unfortunately from this angle, the feeder is hidden by shrubs. But it’s the perfect example of using a butterfly feeder as a bath instead.

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    Are Butterfly Houses for Aesthetics or Shelter?

    Etched Glass and Redwood Butterfly HouseSurprising to me, we had a wonderful butterfly season in the Atlanta area this year. I can’t recall a summer where so many had populated my yard. I know the two leaf misters were a huge attraction for them, along with some newly planted milkweed. Other flowers like lantana and abelia shrubs saw lots of action from these winged jewels too. There is no butterfly house in the yard, and I’ve always wondered whether or not butterflies really use them?

    Some butterfly houses are like detailed works of art for the garden, they enhance and add a nice focal point to the area. The butterfly house shown here is constructed of durable red cedar, and the etched glass panels that catch light beautifully. It’s available as a hanging, or post mount model too.

    But back to the question if butterflies really use butterfly houses or not?
    A bit of research reveals the answer here:

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    ADI Clarifies: 20 Bolivian Circus Tigers and Rehoming

    Following the publication of a recent press report entitled ‘Bolivia: Twenty circus lions looking for a home’, Animal Defenders International wishes to clarify the situation.

    Jan Creamer, ADI President said that there was speculation with regard to the fate of twenty circus lions looking for a home following the successful Bolivian circus ban, but that ADI’s position remained crystal clear.

    “We were deeply concerned to read a media report that suggested that proposals have been made to euthanize older animals that can’t be relocated, without consultation with animal rescue groups such as ADI,” Jan said.

    “ADI is totally opposed to any plans to kill circus animals before we have had a chance to look for homes for them.

    “On numerous occasions, ADI has promised the Bolivian government, in particular the  DGB, help with the relocation of animals from Bolivian circuses. We have offered to rehome the 20 lions that DGB has announced are to be relocated, but still await a response from them,” Jan said.

    Animal Defenders International has asked the Bolivian Government to work with them and provide a list of all the animals in Bolivian circuses that need to be rescued, so that the situation can be fully assessed and a comprehensive rescue plan implemented.

    Once species, ages and numbers are known ADI can look for suitable homes.. In the interim they have recommended to DGB that the circuses be required to continue to feed and keep the animals until they have all been assessed.

    The request comes after the successful rehoming of an 18 year old Hamadryras baboon to a sanctuary in Berkshire, UK in early September, and four lions to California, USA in May by ADI, who were instrumental in securing a ban on animals in circuses in Bolivia.

    These animals released by Circo Abuhabda were taken to Cochabamba as there was nowhere else for them to be kept. ADI were then given permission by the Mayor to build a temporary facility while the animals awaited export permits from the government, on the condition that when the animals were moved,  the facility be dismantled and the area returned to parkland.

    “Just like our previous successful rescues, ADI stands ready, willing and able to help and are waiting to meet with government officials to set the wheels in motion,” Jan said.

    “This is not a lack of resources issue for relocating animals from Bolivian circuses for ADI and we will ensure that we do all we can to facilitate further successful rescues.

    ADI would be pleased to hear from organizations willing to provide homes or help to relocate and retire every circus animal in Bolivia.

    Contact: Agnes Huff, Agnes Huff Communications Group
    Tel: (310) 641-2525, Cell: (310) 902-8131
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Web site:  www.ahuffgroup.comAD