About Us

The Birdhouse Chick

We’ve been avid backyard birders for 32 years, our birds, dogs, cats and horses eat before us every morning!

TheBirdhouseChick.com is an earth-friendly company who showcases individual artisans and smaller companies’ wares.  Unique birdhouses and very wild bird feeders- the most unusual, yet totally functional wild bird accessories around town! The birdhouses and wild bird feeders in our shop are crafted with superior quality, and produced by those who have a passion for wild birds.

With the vast destruction of natural habitat, stewardship is more important than ever.  Our mission is to involve more folks in the hobby of backyard birding and creating wildlife habitats through offering fun and unusual birding supplies.

Biodiversity hangs in the balance… and with the alarming destruction of natural habitat, this stewardship of environment couldn’t be more crucial. A collective conscience is needed – before more species and resources go extinct. The quality of life for future generations depends on this!

We’re a proud business sponsor of The Hummingbird Society, and Member of The Audubon Society, and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, a National Wildlife Federation Certified Habitat can be found here as well!

By adding feeders, shelter, and a water source to your back yard, you not only create a bird haven, but can enhance your surroundings as well. Bird accessories and birdbaths make great, lasting gifts for any nature lover too! Food, water and shelter mean more to birds than you can know. From natural predators, and inclement weather, drought and floods, to destruction of habitat, they really can thrive and flourish on our small parcels of land. So please… help house the birds!


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