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    Wood Birdhouse Gone to the Squirrels

    Not just this one…I’ve lost several a wood birdhouse to the squirrels. At first, I’d find it rather upsetting to observe the damage done by the pesky critters, but have since had a change of heart on the subject. I’ve always fed squirrels (never enough if you ask them) and they need a warm place at night too.

    Still wanting wood birdhouses for my feathered friends, I’ve found a solution for the new houses. Metal portal guards will now be retro-fitted on the entrances to any wood birdhouse that goes up in my yard. The squirrels can have the old ones, but with nesting season approaching these houses are strictly for the birds!

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    Fun Wood Birdhouses with Functionality

    Whimsical wood birdhouses are real homes for cavity-dwelling birds. Complete with cleanouts, the entrances are proportionally sized for nesting songbirds. These wood birdhouses are hand made from sustainable, fast-growth wood. They allow for proper ventilation too.

    Totally fun and functional, wood birdhouses make for excellent and unique gifts for any nature lover. A gift you know will actually be used and appreciated!

    With spring upon us (I can’t wait) it’s time to prepare for nesting season. Clean out old houses and wash with a 10% bleach solution. Allow to dry completely before hanging or mounting. Discard old nest materials away from the house as this may draw predators. Check for leaky seams and apply a bead of wood glue if necessary. Come on spring!

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    Spring into Spring with Decorative Bird Houses

    The first sign of spring around here is when the crocus start to bloom…woo-hoo!

    It’s been a brutal winter, even here in the south, so this tiny, yet wonderful sign is hugely welcomed. Prepping the first birdhouse with a metal portal (as the squirrels chewed the wood entrance) and cleaning out an old nest felt pretty good….nesting season’s almost here!

    Providing nesting birds with real homes is important. Offering food and water is part of it, but shelter is a must. Competition for nest boxes is fierce – there’s just not enough of them to go around. Decorative bird houses help to fill the void by giving birds a roosting spot on cold nights, and a place to nest and raise their young. Brighten up any environment with functional, yet decorative bird houses and invite parents and fledglings to grace your property this spring. The sites and sounds are well worth it!

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    Unique Birdhouses Relieve Real Estate Chrunch

    With the sketchy economy, the real estate market suffers too. Imagine then, for a moment, being a nesting, or cavity dwelling bird and looking for a home? Their real estate market is scary too!

    Many birds will nest in cavities – holes found in trees and fence posts. Some can chisel and craft their own homes, like woodpeckers, but most must find suitable diggs to nest and raise their young. Sadly, these nest boxes are very far and few between.

    Even with unique birdhouses, you’ll help alleviate this problem, as more than fifty species of birds will use nest boxes or birdhouses.

    Totally fun, yet functional housing for your feathered friends to raise a brood or two! High quality, unique birdhouses make wonderful and long-lasting gifts for nature enthusiasts, plus you know they’ll actually be used and enjoyed for years.

    For your own yard, these birdhouses brighten up any environment, and still provide a valuable home for wild birds. A better bird-watching experience awaits as the sites of parents and yound in the yard never cease to entertain and amaze! With a fresh water source or birdbath, you’re well on the way to creating a bird-friendly oasis. A feeder or two, housing, water, and no pesticides or chemicals and you’ve got it…Happy Birding!

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