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    Easiest Way to Add Calcium to Meal Worms

    Adult bluebird feeds mealworms to fledgeling

    Sure you can save your egg shells, then you can sterilize the egg shells, then you can crush the egg shells and them to bird food, suet or mealworms. Or you can save a ton of time and shake-shake calcium powder right into meal worms just prior to feeding.

    Some birds will actually eat the shells straight-up when sprinkled on a deck rail or on the ground below bird feeders. And some adult birds are known to eat their hatchlings’ shells as a means of keeping the nest clean and gaining calcium.

    Why add calcium to meal worms?
    So you’re trying/or have finally attracted bluebirds to you yard, Maybe you’re lucky enough have them stick around all year? Feeding lots of mealworms is calcium-depleting because they’re so high in protein. Similar to a sugar overdose for kids, too many worms can be too much of a good thing for bluebirds and others. We’re guilty on this charge!

    Babies need strong bones to form properly, it’s  critical for first flight. Lack of calcium (via parents feeding a disproportionate amount worms vs. natural food like insects or berries) can contribute to deformities. In breeding females, lack of calcium may cause her eggs to form with thin or weak shells. This makes passing the soft eggs difficult and exhausting- sometimes even fatal. Called egg bonding, it can also happen in nature to birds who’ve never eaten from mealworm feeders.Add Calcium Carbonate to mealworms prior to feeding

    What’s the easiest way to add calcium?

    A simple “shake-shake” from a spice jar does it! Calcium carbonate is a powder supplement readily available at most health food stores and online. Fairly inexpensive, one pound will likely last for a few years. Save one of your spice bottles and clean thoroughly.

    Fill the jar with powder and store the bag for future use. Two shakes into the worms and toss gently to lightly coat/dust the worms. That’s all there is to ensuring your bluebirds are getting enough calcium!

    mealworms with calcium carbonate

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    The Song of Spring- A Fun Children’s Book

    The Song of Spring- New Children's Book

    A new children’s book worth mentioning… because spring is upon us and birds are calling!

    By Hendrik Jonas, The Song of Spring is whimsically illustrated for bringing wonder and smiles to small ones.

    Reminiscent of Eric Carle’s famous style, it’s the story of a little bird who forgets his spring song. Along his journey in search of a friend, he meets a goat, cow, pig, cat, dog and more. The little bird imitates all of their sounds as they try to help… to no avail.

    It’s not until the female (migratory) bird appears from far away that the little guy remembers how to sing again.

    The Song of Spring is a great way to introduce small children to animals and birds. Descriptively written to captivate kid’s attention.

    Hendrik Jonas is a Berlin-based illustrator whose work has appeared in The Times and The Guardian. The Song of Spring is his third children’s book. Due March 2019; (ISBN: 978-3-7913-7379-9; Ages 2-5; Hardcover $12.95.

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    Best Birdhouse-Bird Feeder Gift Guide 2018

    Busy elves crafting holiday birdhousesWhere ya been little birdie? Stinks being gone so long but we never really went anywhere. Just out in the garden with plants and birds- it’s our happy place that universally removes chaos and preserves sanity 🙂

    The elves have been hard at work, crafting the most unique birdhouses, bird feeders and garden art for all nature buffs on your list. Find new rustic church bird houses, cool bird feeders for all species and recycled metal yard art made in Mexico… plus cool stuff for your nest too!

    Rustic Church Birdhouses for Holiday Giving


    The gift guide below features 12 themes (one for each day) with 2 or 3 fab holiday gifts. Once on the gift guide, you can click back to the main page to further investigate the different days and offerings. Most items are in stock and ship within 1-2 days.

    Best Birdhouse Gift Guide 2018

    Find Holiday Gifts with real purpose that are long-lasting … for this season and well-beyond… for everyone on your list!

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    Thurs. 11/22 – Sun. 11/26 midnight!
    Use Code UBB10

    Some exclusions may apply: Custom orders, Freight/Truck items