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    squirrel proof bird feeders with bling

    Cool Hour Glass squirrel proof bird feeders feature bling and styleCan foiling squirrels while feeding birds actually be stylish? It’s looking like an “affirmative” with the bling feeders shown here!

    Yes, even caged-type squirrel proof feeders can be unique and fun, and still stop pesky critters from stealing birdseed.  These Hour Glass feeders feature translucent glass beads which catch the light… that creates the bling!

    In bronze, green or pewter, the powder coat metal will endure years of use and still look great. The Hour Glass squirrel proof bird feeders come in bronze, pewter and turquoiseTops are secure, and furry critter paws can’t undo them. In fact it took us a couple of tries to open one for filling in the photo at left! There’s also a cool globe and cylinder shape feeder with more color options.

    You can save yourself seed and money – and most of all, aggravation with good quality squirrel proof bird feeders. Or you can get a couple of dogs in the yard to keep the crafty critters at bay… but they’ll likely keep the birds away too!

    Get this bronze beauty filled with premium seed and a hefty discount… while supplies last!

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    94 years old and she only wanted a bird feeder for her son

    Solar Lighthouse is a pretty cool wild bird feeder that's made in the USA94 years old, that’s what the lady on the other end of the line stated. Spending her days and nights in an assisted-living facility here in the Atlanta area, she was looking for a bird feeder – a special one for her son’s wedding anniversary gift.

    She referred to a solar feeder she had in her yard, and how beautiful it was at night with all the trees behind it. Admittedly at first, I wasn’t so keen on the idea of finding and special-ordering this, as solar feeders are not offered on our website. But the more we spoke… the more I liked her and wanted to help.

    Marcella was actually pretty cool, and it was clear how dearly she missed having her yard and the birds. Ponder that thought for a moment: No more yard and no birds… it’s really quite sad if you once knew the simple, yet rewarding pleasures of backyard birding. Not to be able to have or do that anymore pretty much stinks.

    The search began, and there were pages and pages on the web, but when I looked, all were out of stock and/or discontinued, and frankly, most looked like junk. Are they really that popular? It was a trip to my local WBU for some seed that spawned the idea… something she, her son and the birds would love to have! I know that manufacturer, made in the USA, good quality and attractive. I can get her this feeder and she’ll be proud to give it as a gift.

    Taking her info over the phone was comical, and she insisted getting old is for the birds! I did let her know that 94 is something to be proud of, and that I would not likely make it that long.

    The package is due to arrive tomorrow at Wellington Assisted Living, so on Wednesday I’ll definitely call her to see what she thinks. At 26 inches tall, it’s handcrafted cedar with a handsome lamp fixture on top… I think she’ll be pleased!

    This post is in your honor Marcella – and thanks for feeding the birds all those years 🙂


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    innovative birdhouse kits for young & old alike

    Super mod birdhouse kits like Box for the Birds require no nails, glue, or screwsNo worries if this one looks a little too mod for your taste, this company offers traditional, and even church birdhouse kits! Supporting a cottage industry right here in Athens, Georgia, Box for the Birds has created some of the most innovative and sturdy birdhouse kits to last for many seasons of successful broods, with minimalist and cool packaging too!

    Fantastic projects for all ages, these kits require no nails, screws or glue, yet they’re super sturdy. Safe for nestlings and little kids too, they’re way fun to decorate. Box for the Birds provides a fine nest site and swell roosting spot during the “off-season” as well.Dots design birdhouse kit by Tweet Tweet Homes

    Another fresh and innovative idea are the kits created by Tweet Tweet Homes. Recycled plastic, in the most vibrant colors, these birdhouse kits also fit together sans the the tools, nails or glue. Warning: you may need to refer to their directions when assembling this fun puzzle!

    Recycled plastics really do help the environment, and many items let you know just how many milk jugs or containers were used in producing that item. Tweet homes are also available in a traditional house shape, and a newer cone shape version too, delivered flat with barely any packaging waste.

    Either with wTweet Tweet Homes offers recycled plastic birdhouse kits invibrant colors with two designsood or plastic – half the fun is putting these kinds of bird house kits together, the other half is watching a family being raised and babies when its time to fledge the box!