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    Versatile Tube Birdfeeders

    Tube Birdfeeders

    Some Bird feeders are very specialized for specific species, but with traditional Tube Bird Feeders you can be sure to attract many types of songbirds.  They accommodate a variety of seed mixes which can be changed or rotated for greater species attraction. Some tube birdfeeders even have 2 or 3 individual tubes so you can use multiple types of seed in one feeder.

    Large capacity tube feeders are great as you can spend less time filling and more time viewing your wild birds.  Tube feeders are available in a variety of materials and colors, from basic, no-frills–to decorative and whimsical designs.  Choose one that is easy to maintain as far as filling and cleaning…you’ll be glad you did!

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    Very Wild Bird Feeders Indeed!

    Wild Bird Feeders
    Hot Lips Hilda
    wild bird feeders
    Laughing Green Man

    Wild, whimsical, funky, crazy, call them what you may, but they are all totally functional!  Wild bird feeders that are handmade pottery are an excellent choice as they will withstand freezing winter temperatures and the killer heat of summer.  Since they are stoneware with special glazes, fading is not an issue, and squirrels can’t gnaw on them either!

    One Kool Cat
    One Kool Cat

    Be it a Hot Lips Hilda, Laughing Green Man, or Cool Kat, they are terrific variations of the traditional  tube bird feeder.  Rubber stoppers on the bottom provide for filling and cleaning (dishwasher- safe too).  They work best with sunflower seed, but if you’re like me and don’t want the mess below bird feeders, sunflower hearts and chips are preferred.

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    A Wood Birdhouse: Starling Resistant

    Wood BirdhouseWe’ve all seen them…and cringe!  Bully birds, who take over nests, hog the feeders, and wreak havoc for some songbirds.  Starlings are a good example, there’s some tough competition with bluebirds over nest boxes.  Cow Birds are known to take over nests and lay their own eggs with the others.  Other fledglings usually don’t survive because of the Cowbird’s rampant parasites.  I have two Cowbirds in my yard now that I see at my feeders, and I’m a little concerned for the 2 bluebird nests, actually not quite sure what to do?

    This wood birdhouse may look basic, but has a special feature to keep starlings out.  The angled shelf below the entrance thwarts their efforts to enter.  This is actually a Flicker house, and the entrance is the perfect size for Starlings.  Luckily, there are some great, innovative manufacturers out there who know what they’re doing!

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    Wood Birdhouses Needn’t Be Boring!

    Wood Birdhouses

    Wood is Good!

    Some wood birdhouses are anything but boring.  Houses constructed of wood make excellent homes for cavity nesting birds, as they are most natural and breathe to allow for air circulation.

    Vibrant colors utilizing non-toxic paints and finishes will liven up any landscape, and still provide a proper home for birds to raise their young, as well as, roost on cold winter nights.  Wood birdhouses today come in just about every color, style and shape imaginable.  Something out there to please all tastes!  So, give your birds a new home they’ll use for years, and have some fun with wood birdhouses!

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    Decorative Bird Houses…More Than Looks!

    Decorative Bird Houses

    It’s a boat…hanging in a tree!  A boat birdhouse that’s actually home to a family of chickadees in my yard.  This is a very neat little house that’s seen several years of fledglings, and received many compliments too.  Decorative bird houses do so much more than just decorate the yard and look good.

    This house is about seven years old, and it’s seen new nests every year.  I’m not sure why, but the birds really like this one!  With the vast destruction of natural habitat, it’s getting tougher for wild birds to find proper nest sites.  Cavity nesting birds face stiff competition for nest boxes, so hanging birdhouses really does help them thrive.

    Please help house the birds!

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    Unique Birdhouses in Vegetables?

    Unique Birdhouses

    In late spring some folks plant a vegetable garden, while some folks who are into backyard birding help prepare for the nesting season by furnishing wild birds with birdhouses.  How about birdhouses fashioned after vegetables?

    These unique birdhouses are totally functional, with proportional entrances and easy clean outs, they feature proper drainage as well.  Crafted in vibrant ceramics, they make a lovely addition to any yard, as well as, a great home for cavity nesting birds!  Leave birdhouses up year-round to provide roosting spots for wild birds on cold winter nights.

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    Bird Accessories Really Do Attract More Wild Birds

    Lotus BirdBath Fountain Cotton Nesting Ball

    If you enjoy backyard birding, and want to attract a greater variety of feathered friends, there’s so much more available than just birdhouses and feeders.

    Moving water is like a magnet for wild birds, and it attracts many species who won’t even visit feeders.  By adding a fountain, mister or dripper to your birdbath, it creates sights and sounds that are guaranteed to bring more wild birds.  Plus the soothing sounds of moving water are enjoyed by many folks too, as it’s relaxing.

    Nesting Material is another way to attract more wild birds.  Many birds do not nest in birdhouses, but will use nesting material to make their home in your trees or thicket, or even in your plants, and near your house.

    The Seed Hoop for example, is a bird feeder attachment that will reduce waste below your feeder.  But it also creates a platform below your bird feeder, attracting birds who will not perch at a feeder.  Ground feeding birds too will take advantage of platform feeders.

    The Seed Hoop

    So, if you’re new to backyard birding, just know there are many wild bird accessories beyond feeders and houses that will successfully attract more feathered friends!

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    Keep Food In Your Squirrel Feeder Longer.

    Squirrel Feeder

    If you happen to enjoy feeding squirrels as many folks do, you know just how quickly they can devour an ear of corn.  Many squirrel feeders are fashioned to hold ears of corn, because squirrels love it and it’s fairly inexpensive.  It’s a great choice for squirrel feeding.  But if you’d like to make those ears of corn last longer…read on!

    There is a product available that is basically pressed corn.  It’s called a corn log, and also comes in corn and nut flavor.  The corn log is equivalent to 12 ears of corn, so it feeds many more squirrels and lasts longer.  The corn ones are yellow in color, while the corn and nut is a brown log.  Almost the same size as a regular ear of corn, they fit on any stake-type squirrel feeder, where you screw the corn ear on it.  These are loved by all squirrels, so make sure to tighten it up every few days, because the little critters know how to loosen and steal them!

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    Squirrel Feeders Can Be Hilarious Entertainment!

    Squirrel FeedersBackyard birding is a great hobby enjoyed by many folks.  Frustrating as it is, it’s also enjoyed by squirrels!  If you have a bird feeder with no squirrel baffle, just as sure as sunrise comes in the morning, pesky squirrels will raid your birdseed.  They seem to find a way every time-without fail.  It’s like…their job!

    Adding squirrel feeders to your yard acts as a diversion for squirrels from your bird feeders.  Some of the squirrel feeders available today are innovative and just palin fun to watch!  The Squngee Bungee Cord for example, is a squirrel feeder that holds 2 ears of corn.  A small bell rings when squirrels jump on the feeder, and that’s when the show begins.  And the Squirrel-A-Whirl is loved by squirrels and humans alike!  Squirrel’s weight causes the feeder to rotate as the hungry acrobat grabs a bite.  With this feeder, you can also attach fruit or peanut butter.  Hey…the squirrels have to eat too!

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    What Makes a Great Finch Bird Feeder?

    24 Birds in Full View!
    24 Birds in Full View!

    We feed wild birds because we like bird watching, offering up seed, nuts, fruit, suet, worms, and a myriad of other wild bird delights!  In hopes of helping our feathered friends to thrive, it’s the hobby of backyard birding that has become so popular.  Some bird feeders are more functional than others, they look good, but you can’t always view the birds while they’re eating.  Most tube bird feeders obstruct the view of birds who are feeding at the ports on the back side.

    Now there is a Finch Bird Feeder that allows full view of all 24 ports at once.  The “Finches Favorite” 3-Tube Bird Feeder offers up thistle seed like no other.  It allows better distribution of seed, so the seed at the bottom of the tube never gets packed down, when it then becomes damp and moldy.  A great new innovative product, it’s worth checking into if you feed thistle, or nyjer seed in your yard.

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