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    Versatile Tube Birdfeeders

    Tube Birdfeeders

    Some Bird feeders are very specialized for specific species, but with traditional Tube Bird Feeders you can be sure to attract many types of songbirds.  They accommodate a variety of seed mixes which can be changed or rotated for greater species attraction. Some tube birdfeeders even have 2 or 3 individual tubes so you can use multiple types of seed in one feeder.

    Large capacity tube feeders are great as you can spend less time filling and more time viewing your wild birds.  Tube feeders are available in a variety of materials and colors, from basic, no-frills–to decorative and whimsical designs.  Choose one that is easy to maintain as far as filling and cleaning…you’ll be glad you did!

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    Very Wild Bird Feeders Indeed!

    Wild Bird Feeders
    Hot Lips Hilda
    wild bird feeders
    Laughing Green Man

    Wild, whimsical, funky, crazy, call them what you may, but they are all totally functional!  Wild bird feeders that are handmade pottery are an excellent choice as they will withstand freezing winter temperatures and the killer heat of summer.  Since they are stoneware with special glazes, fading is not an issue, and squirrels can’t gnaw on them either!

    One Kool Cat
    One Kool Cat

    Be it a Hot Lips Hilda, Laughing Green Man, or Cool Kat, they are terrific variations of the traditional  tube bird feeder.  Rubber stoppers on the bottom provide for filling and cleaning (dishwasher- safe too).  They work best with sunflower seed, but if you’re like me and don’t want the mess below bird feeders, sunflower hearts and chips are preferred.

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    A Wood Birdhouse: Starling Resistant

    Wood BirdhouseWe’ve all seen them…and cringe!  Bully birds, who take over nests, hog the feeders, and wreak havoc for some songbirds.  Starlings are a good example, there’s some tough competition with bluebirds over nest boxes.  Cow Birds are known to take over nests and lay their own eggs with the others.  Other fledglings usually don’t survive because of the Cowbird’s rampant parasites.  I have two Cowbirds in my yard now that I see at my feeders, and I’m a little concerned for the 2 bluebird nests, actually not quite sure what to do?

    This wood birdhouse may look basic, but has a special feature to keep starlings out.  The angled shelf below the entrance thwarts their efforts to enter.  This is actually a Flicker house, and the entrance is the perfect size for Starlings.  Luckily, there are some great, innovative manufacturers out there who know what they’re doing!