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    nasty yellow jackets at the mealworm feeder

    fly-in mealworm feeder sees lots of bluebird activityLots of bluebirds have passed through this mealworm feeder in our back yard. Last season we had three successful broods of Eastern Bluebirds, in part, thanks to a welcoming habitat. Even the Chickadees, Carolina Wrens and Titmice have learned to use this fly-in mealworm feeder with ease… which I’m not sure is such a good thing? Worms are really reserved for our bluebirds only! This traditional type bluebird feeder is made from recycled plastic, and although it’s about five years old now, it still looks and acts the same way as when it was first installed. With so much junk out there, who doesn’t like quality stuff!

    What I am sure of that’s not a good thing are the yellow jackets who continue to torture the live worms inside the feeder! When, for heaven’s sake is it time for them to die off? Every morning when I go to add worms for the patiently waiting, eager bluebirds… the yellow jackets are in there munching on worm remains.

    Last night it was in the 20’s here in North Georgia, and finally this morning none of the nasty jax were seen! The weather here is crazy though, hot, cold, warm cold, even some bulbs started forcing their way through the ground with the last dip in temperatures.

    I can only hope with this last frost, that all yellow jackets are gone for the season! I think the birds will be happy too πŸ™‚


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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving from TheBirdhouseChick.comThe Thanksgiving Holiday marks a time that many of us will be getting together to celebrate family, friends, and all the good things in our lives we are thankful for. Personally… I’ll be feeding horses this holiday πŸ™‚

    Not only the “big” things, but it’s the everyday, small stuff that’s important too, and so often we tend to overlook it. If you catch a beautiful songbird at your birdbath, you might think “what a magnificent creature” or maybe even ponder the fact that you have two eyes to see it? These are the simple blessings that we take for granted.

    Anyway… just a thought for the day, wishing you & yours a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

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    squirrel feeders that last a lifetime

    recycled plastic squirrel feeders last a litetimeSome laws of nature always hold true…cattle dogs and the like are meant to herd, cats are a very curious kind, and well, squirrels are just meant to chew! They’ll try and chew anything where food may be involved, and are especially successful when it comes to wooden bird, or even squirrel feeders.

    Now the classic Table & Chair Feeder, where the squirrel sits on the chair and eats from the table, has been around for years. But recently it’s been re-invented from sturdy recycled plastics. This material possessesΒ  more than good looks, it’s guaranteed never to warp, split, crack, or fade… ever! That guarantee comes from most manufacturers who use the recycled plastics.

    Aside from the durability, the squirrel feeders, and other products made from it, really do help keep plastics out of landfills. One manufacturer does a traditional bluebird feeder, their recycled products come with a sticker telling you how many plastic milk jugs were used to create the product. That bluebird feeder is made of 33 plastic milk jugs! And part of the beauty is that it still looks new three or four years later. We know because one of those feeders has been in use in our yard for at least four years.

    A few tips for better squirrel feeding: First and foremost, baffle you bird feeders and deny access by squirrels-it makes life much easier for you and your birds. Corn cobs are used in many of the staked-type squirrel feeders, and although they’re relatively inexpensive (if purchased in bulk), Squirrel Logs will last much longer. These are compressed corn, and each one is equal to about 12 ears of the regular stuff. But be sure they are securely attached as our crafty critters have managed to steal them once in a while!Long Lasting Corn Logs for Squirrel Feeders

    Peanut Butter: is a wonderful treat for squirrels during really cold weather. The high fat and protein content provide the extra calories for energy needed to stay warm. We smear peanut butter right on corn cobs, and on the squirrel logs too. You can even make any old tree in your yard a super-feeder by spreading peanut butter right on the bark. Nuthatches, Chickadees and Jays love it too!

    So if you happen to like feeding the squirrels, as many folks do, try some of long lasting Squirrel Logs, buy your corn cobs in bulk from feed & stores, and definitely add some peanut butter for a special treat this winter.

    … and thanks for feeding the squirrels!


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    These are cool birdhouse kits

    innovative birdhouse kits with sleek design require no tools or glueWith ultra-clean lines and sleek style, these cool birdhouse kits are meant for birds… and the creative process!

    A fun project for kids and adults, the Box for the Birds requires no tools or glue. Sturdy wooden birdhouse kits are an excellent medium for creative, and purposeful activity! With a critical shortage in nest sites, (due to increased competition from non-native birds and the decrease in natural habitat) birdhouse kits provide real nesting and roosting spots for feathered friends.

    This birdhouse kit is called the Right (as in Frank Lloyd Wright) because it’s modeled after the famous FallingWater House in Mill Run, PA. Pretty cool, huh? You can stain, paint, and decorate as desired… the birds will love it, as it’s sure to host many successful broods over the years!

    Check out the video below of the story behind Box for the Birds.

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    It’s Not a Tray, not a hopper, nor a tube bird feeder

    The All Weather is better thanany tube bird feeder for winterIt’s deemed the “All Weather Feeder” and rightfully so!

    An innovative design keeps seed dry- no matter what! Rain, snow and sleet can not penetrate this durable feeder because unlike a typical tube bird feeder, the seed ports are totally protected from the elements, even from driving, blowing rain.

    Birds perch on a generous seed tray, and eat seed from above. The design consists of a built in weather guard, that overhangs and protects seed ports (and birds too). The All-Weather Feeder is available in a four or 6-quart capacity, and may be pole mounted or hung. There’s also an optional squirrel guard, or cage that fits around the open feeding area to keep pesky squirrels out! Stainless steel construction along with sturdy polycarbonate casing means this feeder won’t yellow with age either.

    The optimal seed for this cool feeder is black oil sunflower, or a mix of safflower and black oil. Striped sunflower is actually too large for the seed ports. If you’re looking for a truly weather-proof bird feeder, this is it! By the way… it ships for free too πŸ™‚

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