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    new wave kind of tube bird feeder

    hand crafted, and very cool tube bird feeder for thistle or black oil sunflowerA substantial sized feeder is good… because you simply don’t have to fill them as often. In general, hopper feeders tend to be on the larger size, while tube bird feeders usually hold less seed. This is okay if you don’t have much bird traffic, but right now it seems everyone is fattening up for fall and the yearly migration to southern climates.

    This tube bird feeder is way cool, just the way it looks is pretty darn groovy in itself. I like it because it holds four pounds of seed, and is hand crafted i the USA. Super quality means it will be around for many seasons, and it’s made in two styles; for black oil sunflower or thistle seed. When the perches are all full… it’s really a pretty impressive site to behold.

    Finches, Chickadees, Titmice, Nuthatches, and other small songbirds can be seen at a tube bird feeder. This past summer, we were lucky enough to see a few Indigo Buntings at the tube bird feeder in our yard.

    As always, a fresh water source, such as a bird bath will always entice more birds than any feeder itself, especially with the severe drought in the Southeast. You can help migratory birds by keeping feeders full and fresh, offering suet and fruit, and a fresh water source in your yard. Something as simple as a large plant saucer filled with water can serve as a birdbath and oasis for many feathered friends!

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    Breakthrough campaign on Change.org calls on Google to immediately remove KG Dogfighting from the Android Market; reports of the game’s removal inaccurate

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA – More than 41,000 people have joined a viral campaign on Change.org calling on Google to remove KG Dogfighting, a dogfighting game created by Kage Games, LLC, from the Android Market.

    Robert Pregulman, author of the Seattle DogSpot blog, launched the online campaign after reading reports claiming that Google had responded to the public outcry against the dog fighting game by temporarily pulling the app.

    “Contrary to media reports, Google never removed any version of KG Dogfighting from the Android Market,” said Pregulman. “The patience of dog lovers waiting for Google to take this cruel game off the market is running out fast.”

    KG Dogfighting has been condemned by law enforcement officials and animal advocates alike.

    “KG Dogfighting is in effect a cyber training manual for the illegal enterprise of dogfighting,” said Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States. “We must exhibit a zero-tolerance policy for this barbaric practice, which we are working so hard to uproot from our communities.”

    In a Senate hearing in May, Google’s Alan Davidson stated “Apps that are unlawful or directly related to unlawful activity, we do take those down.”

    Activists have called on Mr. Davidson to review KG Dogfighting, but he has not responded to further inquiry.

    “Although Google still has not taken a position on the dog fighting app, activists around the world haven’t given up,” said Change.org Director of Organizing, Stephanie Feldstein. “It’s remarkable to see their dedication to keeping animal cruelty from being trivialized or seen as just a game. More than a dozen pet bloggers have supported Robert’s campaign on Change.org and continue working to get the truth out about this app and Google’s lack of response to the public outcry.”

    Live signature totals from the campaign:

    Additional background:

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    bulk discounts on great bird house kits

    discounts and great project ideas for bird house kitsA swell project for kids aged 9 to 99, bird house kits have come a long way from the clunky, boring models of the past. Anything but boring, newer designs work the mind with their puzzle-like assembly. Many requiring no nails or glue, they make fantastic projects for school and youth groups, and real nesting sites for wild birds. Being fanatical backyard birders ourselves, with a commitment to conservation and the environment, you bet we’ll be happy to discount any bulk orders for bird house kits!wooden bird house kit requires no nails or glue

    Several schools have already benefited from this offer, as well as the birds and the environment. For instance: Village Community School in New York purchased over 80 bird house kits for a park make-over last year. Aside from a generous discount, we donated nesting materials, a bluebird book, suet cakes with fun holders, and ideas for easy and inexpensive birdbaths. Together these items helped create a very bird-friendly habitat.

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    Some interesting notes on bats and bat houses

    small through larger bat houses that will host whole coloniesAn interesting post on bats and habitat, and why sometimes bat houses will or won’t attract occupants. Taken form the Bluebird Monitors Forum, and published with permission, by: Tina Mitchell in CO.

    “Hi, list folks–

    I really appreciate bats–at least the bats we have here out west.  (I know a few vampire bats have been found crossing from the Mexican border.  They make me a tad nervous, but mostly because I don’t know much about them, I suppose.)

    A number of years ago, when we could still rehab bats here in Colorado, I did a week-long “boot camp” on bat rehabilitation and rearing at Bat World Sanctuary in TX.  (Bats have been officially declared a rabies-vector species in CO.  This means, in our state, that no one is allowed to rehab them now unless everyone on the premises has had the pre-exposure series of rabies vaccinations.  Our rehab center can’t mandate that, since we have so many volunteers.  So we no longer rehab bats, I’m sorry to say.  The ones I’ve helped with were fascinating, gentle, intelligent-seeming creatures.  Individual in-home rehabbers are the only hope left for for injured, ill, and orphaned bats in this state.)

    What I recall, from a deep, dusty memory of the Bat World training, is that most bat houses that are used serve as nursery colonies–groups of mothers and their pups.  It’s certainly possible that bats in the east act differently.  And a one-week training years ago hardly makes me a bat expert.  The most common bat species we have here is the little brown myotis.  Aside from nursing colonies, these bats tend to roost during the day singly, in rock crevices, under loose bark, and wood piles.  Single bats will occasionally roost in or around buildings, but it’s not their most common choice here.

    So a bat house–unless you’re within 1/4-mile or so of water, where nursing colonies tend to be–doesn’t get any bats.   We certainly tried on our property, before I knew this.  Repeatedly.  Even though we see these marvelous insectivores in decent numbers at night.  But, as I said, perhaps they behave differently in areas other than arid pinyon/juniper habitat out west and will use houses as daytime roosts elsewhere.

    An interesting overview article about White-nose Syndrome (WNS) appeared recently in Microbe.  Don’t be fooled by the title of the journal–it’s a very readable article.  Toward the end of the article, the authors mention that WNS has existed in bats in Europe for quite a while.  Yet those populations have not experienced elevated mortality rates.  That sounds like a promising line of research for some wildlife researchers.  We surely need some hope for these valuable mammals.”

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    it’s a busy time of year for finch feeders

    you'll find finch feeders packed this time of yearWith the fall migration under way for many birds, Goldfinches are one of the few species who will actually stay put… especially if you have finch feeders in your yard. Although their vibrant yellow plumage will soon begin to fade and wither with their second molt of the season, these sweet songbirds are full-time residents in most of North America.

    Aside from being one of the few who experience two molts in the same season, they are also one of the latest breeders, raising nestlings in late summer through early fall. Because of this, you’ll find finch feeders busy with activity this time of year. Babies are fed thistle (or nyjer seed) almost exclusively.

    Because of hot, humid weather, seed tends to spoil rapidly, so it’s best to change and clean feeders frequently. If finch feeders are not being emptied quick enough by the birds, don’t fill them all the way. This three-tube finch feeder’s innovative design distributes seed more evenly, so it’s less likely to spoil.

    Just because that yellow plumage disappears, your finches won’t! Continue to fill your finch feeders throughout the year, and offer a fresh water source for these and other birds. Creating a wildlife friendly habitat will keep finches around the whole year.


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    squirrel baffle… baffle, baffle, baffle!

    large diameter squirrel baffle also acts as a wether guardSo many folks will mutter: “I can’t feed the birds because of the squirrels”. It’s pure rubbish, nonsense I tell ya! The pesky critters  can be foiled so easily and permanently with the use of a good squirrel baffle. This one-time, relatively inexpensive purchase of a good baffle really will solve the problem of squirrels raiding bird feeders.

    So you have a shepherd’s hook that the squirrel baffle won’t slide over? Ridiculous! They make a great pole-mounted baffle that will go on any kind of bird feeder pole. It’s innovative cone-shaped easy pole-mount squirrel baffledesign actually opens up and separates to go around the pole, then attaches back together by hooking one end into the others’ locking lip.  It’s a powder coat metal, so the squirrel baffle stays looking nice for years. I just spray painted one that has to be twenty-some years old!

    Should you desire a feeder mounted on a 4×4 post… no worries! An attractive baffle is also available for mounting on wood posts. So, there’s absolutely no reason to let squirrels ruin the enjoyment of backyard birding. A good squirrel baffle, be hanging, pole, or post-mounted will foil squirrels once and for all… the birds will thank you too!

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    Campaign on Change.org calls on the USDA to remove circus elephant who collapsed from Ringling Bros., citing concern for animal’s health and history of Animal Welfare Act violations
    WASHINGTON, DC – More than 2,000 people across the U.S. and Canada have joined a campaign on Change.org, started by a California resident concerned by the collapse of a Ringling Bros elephant in Anahaim, Calif., calling on the USDA to remove the ailing animal from the circus.

    Laura Goldman, an animals blogger and California-based activist, launched the campaign on Change.org after seeing the video of Sarah, the 53-year-old elephant, collapsed on the ground beside a Ringling Bros boxcar. Just two months ago, the USDA cited Ringling Bros for violating the Animal Welfare Act by failing to treat Sarah’s chronic medical problems; meanwhile, the circus boasts that the sick elephant has never missed a performance.

    “About 20 years ago, before I was really aware of circus animal abuse, I went to a Ringling Bros. show in Anaheim,” said petition creator Laura Goldman. “I was appalled by the sight of the elephants all wedged together with chains around their legs, standing on the hot asphalt in the parking lot. All these years later, I wonder if Sarah was one of those miserable elephants.”

    “Sarah has an untreated, chronic infection that experts say can be fatal if not addressed, yet Ringling insists she’s perfectly healthy and continue forcing her to perform,” the petition creator continued. “I started the petition on Change.org because she’s suffered for too long already and needs to be removed from the circus.”

    In less than a week, more than 2,000 people have signed the online campaign on Change.org, the world’s fastest growing platform for social change. Animal Defenders International has already filed a formal complaint on Sarah’s behalf and the growing support from people across the continent adds to the pressure on the USDA to act. Protesters are planning demonstrations at upcoming Ringling Bros events in California and other locations.

    “We’ve seen an incredible outpouring of concern for this elephant’s welfare after her collapse,” said Change.org Senior Organizer, Stephanie Feldstein. “Thousands of people worry that she’s in serious danger, especially as Ringling Bros continues to make Sarah perform after her fall. It has been remarkable to watch as more than 2,000 people join in to ask the USDA to step in before it’s too late.”

    Live signature totals from the campaign:

    Video of collapsed elephant:

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    thistle feeders seem empty…strange?

    Wave thistle feeders are hand crafted quality feedersWhile the feeders containing finch mix are absolutely mobbed… thistle feeders appear to have no customers these days. Thistle (or nyjer seed) is kept fresh, as these feeders do not sit too long without changing the seed. Goldfinches have one of the latest nesting seasons, and chicks are fed thistle seed almost exclusively – so it seems strange to me that the thistle feeders are just about void of any birds?

    There are lots of electric yellow Goldfinches in the yard right now, but they seem to prefer the finch mix, and the birdbaths! While we use a pretty standard thistle feeder, these Wave Thistle Feeders are on the wish list. High quality, hand crafted thistle feeders that are made in the USA. What a groovy design! They’re also made for dispensing black oil sunflower.

    Aside from Thistle Feeders, Goldfinches love fresh water
    Male Goldfinch drinking at birdbath dripper


    Goldfinches will molt soon, as the fall migration gets underway. It happens to be their second molt of the season… one of very few wild birds with two molting processes in the same year. Olive-drab and browns will soon replace the vibrant yellow plumage, but these birds will stick around if habitat is good. So keep thistle feeders fresh and full to provide goldfinches a steady diet, and keep these sweet songbirds in your yard year-round.

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    what makes a good bird feeder pole?

    this bird feeder pole offers great varietyFirst and foremost, any yard accessory should look good and be somewhat pleasing to the eye…. for you and feathered friends alike! Black or hunter green metal is pretty much a standard when it comes to a bird feeder pole as these colors go well in the landscape. Powder coating is a beneficial feature on better poles as they’ll have a longer life.

    They say variety is the spice of life, so a bird feeder pole kit like this one could really be where it’s at for birds. Why?  A tray for water, a tray for suet, and three substantial hangers are enough to offer many species a veritable smorgasbord! The suet tray could also accommodate a variety of tasty tidbits, including fruit, shelled peanuts, crumbles, or even a mealworm dish.

    With the big fall migration in gear, there’s a good chance you’ll catch some new and interesting migratory viswrap around baffle for a bird feeder poleitors at a bird feeder pole setup like this. Taller poles are easier to spot and help to keep birds safe from ground predators. Should squirrels be a problem, a simple wrap-around pole baffle will put an end to their shenanigans for good.

    Set out the red carpet for fall migratory birds by providing a water source and high energy foods like suet, sunflower hearts, peanuts and fruit. The extra energy these calories provide will certainly help migratory birds on their lengthy journey to winter breeding grounds. Place a new bird feeder pole in your landscape and see it come alive with the song and color of wild birds!

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    Butterfly Houses may offer protection from weather

    Butterflies’ migration spans thousands of miles, and although they can survive cold weather, these winged wonders will die if they get wet when temperatures drop. Providing butterfly houses may just help the Monarch’s population. Although they don’t hibernate during the warm summer season, creating a butterfly-friendly habitat will help them flourish and thrive.

    Because butterflies will not drink from an open water source, things like leaf misters and puddlers in your yard are most helpful for a fresh water source during extreme heat. Having both the host plant for their metamorphosis and nectar plants for food will encourage population growth too.

    Check out this interesting video from Defenders of Wildlife and Discovery on the Monarch Butterfly.

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