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    Sexy Centerian Likes Window Bird Feeders!

    window bird feedersOn the checkout page, there’s an option for a message if the item is a gift. So I was delighted and a bit astounded to actually see the note “Happy 100th  Birthday!”

    Yes, Roland is turning 100, and it seems he likes window bird feeders. A gift from five women friends –  now I’m thinking this guy must be cool! They say he loves to sit and watch his birds.

    For seniors, a great gift idea indeed! Do they really need more stuff to clutter their spaces? Or more clothes just to sit around the house? Bird watching keeps the mind active, and the interaction with nature has an amazingly positive effect on whatever ails the mind. More and more senior centers and assisted living residences realize this fact and have started using bird feeders to enhance the lives of their residents.

    Happy 100th Roland…and many more!

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    Do you know of a young environmental champion?

    Environmental non-profit seeks to honor youth activists & environmentalists

    (San Francisco, January 28, 2010) — Action For Nature, a San-Francisco-based non-profit, is now taking applications for the 2010 International Young Eco-Hero Awards, which honor youth ages 8 to 16 for their outstanding accomplishments in environmental advocacy, environmental health, research and protection of the natural world.

    Award recipients will receive up to $500 cash, an award certificate, and other forms of recognition. The application deadline is February 28, 2010.

    Action For Nature’s mission is to encourage young people to take personal action to nurture and protect a healthy environment on which all life depends. Now in its eighth year of the International Young Eco-Hero Awards, the organization has honored 90 young people from 13 countries and 24 states in America..

    Previous award winners have continued to receive other prestigious leadership, environmental and science awards, such as the Brower Youth and Intel Science awards. They’ve also taken part in local, national and international media interviews.

    Alec Loorz, a 2008 award winner, has continued to educate youth and adults about global warming and has spoken to more than 20,000 people. Alec, who is now 15, is the youngest member of Al Gore’s speaking panel, and was recently asked to assist with a presentation before the U.S. Senate.

    Former award winner Otana Jakpor, 16, researched air purifiers and ozone emissions and successfully advocated for change in California. Her findings resulted in the first-ever state regulation of ozone-generators. She has since been honored by the Environmental Protection Agency and has become an official spokesperson for the American Lung Association. She has also had her work published by several science journals.

    For more information about the International Young Eco-Hero Awards, as well as to view the guidelines and application forms, visit www.actionfornature.org.

    Guidelines and applications are available at:


    Please help spread word of this award opportunity by sending this press release to friends, family and organizations you know, and/or publishing this announcement in your listservs or publications..


    Additional information available upon request.

    Contact: Lauren LaPage, 415-513-2421

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    Bird Seed Catchers for Healthy Feeding

    bird seed catchersWhen we feed birds it’s almost a catch 22 situation as far as their health in a natural setting. We attract many birds locally, populating our yards in an almost unnatural setting. It is our responsibility then, as backyard birders, to be concerned for the health and welfare of our feathered friends.

    For example, if you have a bird bath and allow the water to stagnate and become nasty, are you doing the birds any favors? Of course not! Baths must be maintained with fresh water to be of use to birds. Same goes with feeders. If the seed becomes moldy or rancid, birds won’t eat it. They’ll stop visiting your feeders (there’s even a scientific name for this phenomenon too).  When spilled seed is allowed to sit on the ground, it too becomes moldy. Capable of spreading mold spores, this is one way respiratory problems arise in wild birds. They then share the same feeders and diseases are spread rapidly. This is why feeders need to be cleaned with a 10% bleach solution, preferably scrubbed, and then rinsed well at least twice a month. The newer recycled feeders with non-porous surfaces are easier to clean than wood, and less likely to absorb contaminates and germs.

    Using bird seed catchers is an obvious strategy for ground waste. They’re available in hanging, pole, or post-mount models, fitting virtually any type of bird feeder. The SeedHoop shown above is a large 30-inch diameter tray, that adjusts to any feeder. The tray actually serves as a platform to offer birds additional feeding space. Use Bird Seed Catchers to eliminate ground waste and unsightly weeds…for the health and well being of your birds.

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    Seed Trays Make Bird Feeding Better

    seed traysseed traysGood reasons for adding seed trays to your bird feeders:

    Ground mess – spilled seed not only looks unsightly, it creates weeds…yuk!

    Disease – When wasted seed sits on the ground, it also becomes moldy and nasty. Hungry ground feeding birds like sparrows and others will forage through nasty seeds. This makes them ill with respiratory problems and diseases are spread quickly among the bird population in your yard. Seed trays prevent the spilled seed from reaching the ground in the first place.

    You can attract different species and actually see more birds as many seed trays also act as a platform, allowing additional feeding space. Birds who never perch at your feeder may likely drop by and land on the platform for a snack. So seed trays can also act as a whole new feeder below your existing hopper or tube style bird feeder.

    Whether it’s a hanging, or pole-mounted feeder, seed trays are available to fit it. The SeedHoop pictured above is an adjustable seed tray that works with any tube feeder. It’s also available with in a 30-inch diameter for larger bird feeders. By saving wasted seed, you’ll save money too in the long run

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    Innovative Seed Tray for Posts

    Seed TrayOffer your feathered friends more space to feed…

    Invite new birds who may not even perch at your feeder with a seed tray. They’re excellent for eliminating ground mess, while saving your birdseed and money. Any type of food, from suet and seed, to mealworms and fruit treats may be fed on this type of platform.

    This recycled seed tray is made from poly lumber, and is guaranteed to never crack, split, or fade. The innovative design allows you to place it below a hopper style, or other bird feeder that’s mounted on a 4×4 post. Removable trays make it simple to clean this great seed tray.

    Recycled plastics help to keep containers and milk jugs out of landfills, and they’re less likely to aid in the spread of diseases as they are non-porous. This makes them easy to clean too.

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