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Bird Seed Catchers for Healthy Feeding

bird seed catchersWhen we feed birds it’s almost a catch 22 situation as far as their health in a natural setting. We attract many birds locally, populating our yards in an almost unnatural setting. It is our responsibility then, as backyard birders, to be concerned for the health and welfare of our feathered friends.

For example, if you have a bird bath and allow the water to stagnate and become nasty, are you doing the birds any favors? Of course not! Baths must be maintained with fresh water to be of use to birds. Same goes with feeders. If the seed becomes moldy or rancid, birds won’t eat it. They’ll stop visiting your feeders (there’s even a scientific name for this phenomenon too).  When spilled seed is allowed to sit on the ground, it too becomes moldy. Capable of spreading mold spores, this is one way respiratory problems arise in wild birds. They then share the same feeders and diseases are spread rapidly. This is why feeders need to be cleaned with a 10% bleach solution, preferably scrubbed, and then rinsed well at least twice a month. The newer recycled feeders with non-porous surfaces are easier to clean than wood, and less likely to absorb contaminates and germs.

Using bird seed catchers is an obvious strategy for ground waste. They’re available in hanging, pole, or post-mount models, fitting virtually any type of bird feeder. The SeedHoop shown above is a large 30-inch diameter tray, that adjusts to any feeder. The tray actually serves as a platform to offer birds additional feeding space. Use Bird Seed Catchers to eliminate ground waste and unsightly weeds…for the health and well being of your birds.

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