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    Innovative mealworm feeder

    sky cafe mealworm feeder for bluebirdsWaaay cool, the makers of the Sky Cafe have created a mealworm feeder specifically for bluebirds. The new Sky Cafe is totally squirrel proof for starters. The design will keep larger birds out, thus saving precious mealworms for your bluebirds. The large baffle, or hat, also protects food and birds from the elements. A high quality mealworm feeder that may be pole mounted or hung, you know will be around for many years of use and enjoyment

    There are lots of groovy dish-type mealworm feeders out there, but as soon as birds discover the tasty morsels, the worms will disappear in no time flat! Seems lots of birds love mealworms… especially live ones.

    If you’re forever running to the store in order to keep your mealworm feeder filled, you may want to consider buying them in bulk. It’s far more economical if you’re feeding live worms. Stored in the fridge, the worms stay in a dormant state until they’re warmed up, so no worries of creepy-crawly things in your fridge! The bedding used is nothing more than wheat bran, purchased at your local grocery store.

    If you’ve been trying to attract bluebirds with no luck…live worms are the ticket! Bluebirds seem to find this precious food source quickly, and will stick around if mealworms are fed on a consistent basis. Our bluebirds have braved the tough winters of North Georgia for the past few years now… ever since their mealworm feeder is always stocked with live worms. The heated baths help too, and it’s got to be this combination that has allowed us to witness so many successful broods!

    Here’s to spring!

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    ok, is it the bird feeder pole or the ground?

    this bird feeder pole has seen better daysIt doesn’t look so bad here, maybe the rivets on the baffle are starting to give, and the nice green luster is gone, but this bird feeder pole serves the purpose quite well. Holding a good-size hopper on top, and two hanging feeders, with enough room for weather guards too. It’s really a nice set up. The bottom of the pole even sits in an auger, that screws down into the ground about eight to ten inches. So what’s the problem?

    If you could see this bird feeder pole now, you’d laugh, or maybe think “what the heck?”. It now sports a heavy rope which is braced against three ground stakes… professionally tied and knotted by a former sailor! Now I was very excited to purchase a brand new shiny bird feeder pole, which I plan to install as soon as the weather warms up (along with thorough cleanings of all the feeders). I can only hope the triple-braced contraption holds up until then. Today I tightened the rope, and added a small bungee to keep it from slipping further down the pole.

    The ground is just overly saturated with water right now  🙁

    Besides all the Georgia rain, and snow we’ve had this winter, our leaf misters ran all summer at the top of the small bank. The ground was already wet before winter’s mess. So I’m thinking why did I buy the new pole? Maybe some cement would have been a wiser option.

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    squirrel baffle serves as weatherguard too

    squirelmbaffles double as weatherguards tooThe most effective way to foil squirrels and protect your feeders from their disruptive antics, is with a squirrel baffle. A quality baffle is a one-time investment that will save your birdseed and ultimately your money in the long run.

    The best part about using a hanging squirrel baffle is the versatility. Some folks even use them as weather guards alone (like me) to protect feeders from the elements. Most will serve as weather guards throughout the changing seasons. Keeping snow in winter, rain, and direct sun in sweltering summer heat, from ever reaching and spoiling the bird food. This will also save money by keeping food fresher longer. Not to mention, squirrel baffles also protecsquirrel baffle used as a weather guardt feathered friends at your feeder while dining.  Although this feeder hangs from a pole with a baffle in place, one is also used to protect the feeder. Check out that snow sitting on top!

    Planning and proper placement are two key factors when setting up new baffles. One must always remember squirrels’ uncanny acrobatic and athletic abilities! The little furry critters can jump sideways almost 10 feet. So, the horizontal “launching point” must be taken into consideration. Don’t hang the feeder near anything they might be able to jump from sideways. Vertically speaking, be sure the bottom of the feeder is at least five feet from ground level.

    All in all, a great investment for novice to advanced backyard birders. Sparing you much aggravation and headache should squirrels be a problem in the yard.