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    Birdhouses featuring Bird Cams

    birdhouses with built-in bird cams

    Gone are the days of cumbersome and huge electronics.

    Innovations in just about every industry seem to move at the speed of sound themselves, and backyard birding is no exception. Bird Cams with crystal clear resolution are widely available, and have even come down to a reasonable price, making them affordable to most hobbyists.

    Some birdhouses are already equipped with bird cams, which makes the set-up process that much easier. The bird cameras are so tiny, they don’t hinder the nesting process at all.

    Imagine viewing live images of hatching chicks, and watching their progress on a daily basis? For children, this has got to be the one of best experiences of mother-nature – up close and very personal.

    The recycled plastic Bluebird house shown above features a built-in bird cam, plus additional features that make this residence superior…I want one!watch chicks hatch with bird cams

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    thistle feeders in festive holiday designs

    Fancy holiday thistle feederSo the mad holiday rush is on! I refer to this time frame as the “holidaze”, because folks seem to run around and rush in a dazed matter with concern about everyone on their gift list. It seems as though most are wearing blinders, and regardless of anything, just go!

    The big-ticket items are usually pretty simple, cut and dry so to speak. It’s usually just a matter of price comparison.

    The smaller, incidental gifts for friends, neighbors, teachers, and the like, can be tricky sometimes… especially¬† if you’re stumped for an idea of what they might not only like – but really use and even enjoy. Imagine that?

    Holiday Thistle Feeders are the perfect gift for any nature-lover or birding enthusiast. Bet you never even thought of anything like a gift of nature? It’s the perfect choice because it actually gets used, is a long-lasting gift, and is enjoyed by both the recipient and the birds.

    Feeding thistle seed year-round will have Goldfinches’ electric yellow plumage gracing the yard in spring and summer months. Sweet calls and dispositions make these birds a welcome visitor to any yard, Also known as nyjer, this tiny, black, grain-like seed is a non-germinating one, so there’s never any weeds sprouting up below a thistle feeder.

    Simplify your holiday list with wonderful gifts of nature. Thistle feeders are an awesome gift idea and range from inexpensive stockings like this one, to large capacity tube-type feeders.

    Happy Birding and Happy Holidays!

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    turn your feeders into squirrel proof bird feeders

    Twirl-A-Squirrel Renders feeders squirrel-proofBackyard birding can bring a few frustrations to the serene and peaceful hobby. Namely squirrels… they can cause some damage and be a real bummer when constantly raiding bird feeders.

    There are fairly easy ways to turn your existing feeders into squirrel proof bird feeders. With some careful placement and a quality squirrel baffle, your squirrel headache will be solved for good!

    Economical plastic or metal baffles may be installed for pole-mounted feeders and hanging feeders too. On the pole, the baffle sits below the feeder and keeps squirrels from reaching the feeder above. When used on hanging feeders, baffles act as a shield to keep the critters from reaching down past them to the feeder.

    Some baffles, like the Twirl-A-Squirrel shown here, have a motorized compartment which reacts and spins when the weight is significantly increased. It’s very effective against squirrels, and extremely hilarious to watch. But don’t worry, it will not harm the spinning squirrel… only make him a bit dizzy – depending on how long he wants to hang on!

    Check it out in this manufacture’s video clip: