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    cool mango wood birdhouses

    these hand crafted wood birdhouses are made from mango treesRenewable resources are a good thing… and these wood birdhouses are just that! Hand crafted and turned from mango trees, the wood is sturdy and durable. Bright colors and fun shapes provide more than good looks too. These functional wood birdhouses have some nice features your birds (and you) will appreciate.

    The distance from entrance to floor is substantial, thus helping to protect nestlings from predators. A simple clean-out on the back wall makes it easy to remove old nests too. Complete with drainage so nests stay dry, these cool birdhouses even come with an innovative iron hanger that lets you mount or hang your house in a snap.

    Crafted in NW Thailand, the Manthis Globe home is part of the mango tree wood birdhouses collectiongo tree’s life cycle is relatively short at about ten to fifteen years. New trees are planted when these birdhouses are turned from the wood that’s harvested. Even the wood shavings are used in the kiln-drying process, so the entire tree is used by the artisans – making these unique birdhouses quite eco-friendly… and good looking too!

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    exquisite decorative bird houses to last a lifetime!

    copper roof vinyl decorative bird houses are made to resemble woodLet’s face it, in any market you’ll find junk and you’ll find quality… doesn’t matter what it is, from products to services… there’s good and not so good. Many bird houses out there claim to be decorative, claim to be quality, and even claim to be functional – when they’re not!

    Most times we get what we pay for. So if you purchase a $10 bird house, obviously you wouldn’t expect it to be around for too many seasons. These copper roof decorative bird houses are guaranteed to last a lifetime! They’re hand crafted in the USA, with meticulous construction and stunning quality.

    PVC/Vinyl is the main material of the house itself, but you’d never know it. Gone are the slick, plastic-looking materials of yesterday. This vinyl looks and even feels like wood! Absolutely gorgeous in any landscape, these decorative bird houses are available from small to estate sizes. The cooper roof is an option too; in a beautiful, natural patina finish, or a bright, lacquered copper that stays bright and shiny for several years. It will eventually weather, but if desired, polish may be applied to keep the shine.Copper Roof Vinyl Decorative Bird Houses wil last a lifetime. The larger sizes are even complete with the decorative brackets shown. The vinyl collar simply slips over any standard 4×4 post.

    In single and multiple compartments, there’s a decorative birdhouse to suit many tastes, and several species of wild birds too. The tops lift off for easy cleanout, and styles come with copper portals (predator guards) or perches. If you’re looking for a truly beautiful birdhouse, with no maintenance, that will last a lifetime… theses copper vinyls are it!

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    these may not be unique birdhouses…

    But what this man does for bird conservation is amazing! Steve Simmons is the nest box coordinator for Merced County, CA.  He travels to surrounding counties and gives wonderful talks on his amazing setup over in Merced.  This video shows Steve banding and discussing a wide variety of birds on Flying M Ranch.  This video is high quality, 23 minutes long and discusses Bluebirds, Kestrels, Barn Owls, and more.  And yes, you will in fact see a few unique birdhouses, in that they’re true duplex styles, one house accommodating two different species!  Watch this highly recommended video below: