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    Let Them Decorate Their Own Birdhouse

    Birds prefer to build their own nest inside a birdhouseYears ago, in a well-meaning gesture, the nice lady only wanted to help the birds. She’d purchased 4 or 5 birdhouses but phoned us a few weeks later to advise there were no takers. In the Southeast, nesting season was in full swing, and she related the many species of birds in her garden.

    Since none of this made much sense, we asked about birdhouse placement? Clustered together, attached to a once mighty tree that succumbed to storm damage, this was not the ideal locale as most birds prefer solitary housing on a post or hanging from a branch in a quiet, secluded area. Strike number one.

    Upon further discussion, she told us that placing dryer lint inside each birdhouse was meant to lure the birds to their new homes. Say what… dryer lint? Would a bird ever really find dryer lint and use it for nest construction? Chances are slim to none because it’s not natural, it’s not something found in nature. Strike number two.

    Birds prefer to decorate their own digs, be it inside a birdhouse or natural cavity found in trees and snags. They use materials that suit their liking, materials readily found among nature. Things like grass clippings, mosses, feathers, pine needles, weed stems, twigs, leaves, wood chips, hair and fur, bark, mud and plant fibers. The list is varied and mostly species-specific. They’ve been doing it a really long time too… before we ever started offering birdhouses or feeders.

    To celebrate spring’s arrival and the start of nesting season, we’re in the midst of our spring promo… free nesting materials with all orders! No codes, no minimum purchase required. You’ll receive a bag containing horse hair, alpaca fur, 2 kinds of moss, a bit of short raffia strands and feathers. An instruction sheet is included with easy ideas for offering the materials. The main trick is to be ready before the birds start claiming territories and nesting!

    Natural nest materials in suet cage, hang near birdhousesThese natural materials (not dryer lint) will further entice friendly fliers to new birdhouses. Please steer clear of this man-made material as birds are unfamiliar, and it retains moisture as well. Also if saving pet hair for birds’ nests is up your alley, please avoid doing so if your pet has been treated with flea/tick medicine.

    Help house the birds at your place… but allow them the courtesy of decorating their own birdhouse 🙂

    The commercial below absolutely rocks, definitely worth a view!