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    Bird Cams View More than Just Birds!

    Bird Cams

    Also Serving as all-purpose nature cameras, bird cams allow you to view virtually any outdoor wildlife desired. The Hawk Eye Nature Cam shown above, will turn any backyard into an entertainment center!

    You can focus on owls, or feathered friends raising their young in a birdhouse, squirrels raiding a bird feeder, or hummingbirds sipping nectar, bird cams show you real-time action in bright, living color right on your television or computer.  Simply mount the bird cam in a birdhouse, next to a feeder, or anywhere you want to watch wildlife.  View your horses, or other livestock, or pets, or…just about any outdoor activity!

    This bird cam, also known as a spy cam, comes with a protective weather shield, so it can be used inside or out.  It may be placed in full sunlight, or evening’s darkness with it’s infrared capabilities.  A built in microphone also lets you hear bird calls and songs, wind and rain, and any other sounds of nature we so often miss.  It also comes with 100 feet of cable and all connections necessary for installation. And like most electronic devices, prices are more affordable now that the “newness” of the product has worn off.

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    Elusive White Deer Herd of Wisconsin

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    Bird Cam- Highnam Woods, Gloucester

    As a hobby, Backyard Birding has exploded over the past few years.  With many innovative products like a bird cam, a whole new, and secret world is available to birding enthusiasts.  Backyard feeding truly helps wild birds—growth and survival rates, breeding success and clutch sizes all improve dramatically when they have access to feeders.

    Check out this awesome video of a bird cam in Gloucester, England.

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    Ever Seen a Double Decker Hopper Bird Feeder?

    Double Decker Hopper Bird Feeder
    Double Decker Hopper Bird Feeder

    Some bird feeders hold more seed than others, while some feeders just look better in the yard.  There are some large capacity wild bird feeders that really do look good!  You can spend less time filling, and more time watching when using hopper style feeders.  They tend to have a larger capacity than tube feeders, and many will compliment your environment too.

    This recycled feeder is a “Double Decker Hopper” and allows more perching room than a traditional hopper bird feeder. The bottom, or base also acts as a seed catcher to prevent unwanted ground mess.  This type of feeder will attract a greater variety of wild birds, while the recycled plastic is guaranteed to never crack, split or fade.  With a 4-quart capacity, you won’t have to make as many trips filling the feeder.

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    Great Variations on Hopper Bird Feeders

    Hopper Bird FeedersThis unique Hopper Bird Feeder’s weatherproof design guarantees birdseed will stay 100% dry and available to your birds continuously. Through rain, snow, sleet and ice, the All Weather Feeder delivers the seed-DRY!!

    Allowing full view of all birds at once, they feed from a lower platform, and reach up into a fully-sheltered slot to get seed.   A great, and innovative feature for those who hate the mess of cleaning out ice, snow, and rain from the troughs and seed ports of other feeders.  Fathered friends benefit from seed always being available — which is especially important after ice storms — and from better sanitation due to no wet, moldy or spoiled seed.  Clean, dry seed means a healthier population.  Durable polycarbonate won’t yellow with age, and large capacity 4 or 6 quart models are available.

    Get ready for winter weather with the All-Weather Hopper Bird Feeder.

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