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    how would window bird feeders ever be versatile?

    Innovative hanger for creating window bird feedersBecause with The Great Hang Up, you can turn most smaller hanging feeders into window bird feeders. Although it may not look like much, this innovative window hook holds up to three pounds securely. It leaves options wide open for attracting avian Fun ovals make great window bird feedersfriends… up close and personal, with the hook facing both up or downwards.

    The Mod Oval shown here would be great as a window feeder, offering a full view of dining birds.

    Come to think of it, a window birdbath would be fantastic too! Since fresh water is a great way to entice birds, small dish-type feeders (with no drainage) would serve this purpose well. The Glass Globe feedersome window bird feeders can be used as birdbaths too is versatile enough to fit the bill. Accommodating seed mixes, suet & nuggets, peanuts, even fruit in summer, plain old water is an excellent option as well. Available in ruby red or lime green… just think of the possibilities!

    Aside from the awesome viewing opportunities, here’s another reason why window bird feeders are good – location, or placement is important for birds’ safety. According to The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, placing a feeder within three feet (or more than thirty feet) from windows greatly helps to prevent window strikes. They say billions of birds die each year from these fatal crashes. Using the above reference for feeder placement will not afford birds enough room for gaining speed and crashing into the window.

    So think outside the box because it doesn’t have to actually say “window feeder” to be one!

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    Ode to Joy with a Nyjer Feeder & Warmest Wishes for a Merry Christmas!

    Wed’ like to wish you and yours a Magical and Merry Christmas~

    The season of joy and goodwill to all found this gem floating around on Facebook. Not once, nor twice, but three times I’ve viewed this video. The classical piece “Ode to Joy” was made famous by Beethoven, but he didn’t actually write it. Watch the sheer joy in the faces of young and old alike as the impromptu concert plays out. At first, folks aren’t too sure… but well worth the five minutes!

    And what would this have to do with backyard birding? Absolutely nothing – except the same feeling of pure joy witnessed from something so beautiful. Watching a bluebird family raise fledgelings, seeing a nyjer feeder crowded with vibrant goldfinches, hummingbirds buzzing by your head, butterflies on lantana, or a group of cardinals feeding at dusk. These are fairly common occurrences, but if you’re lucky enough to really observe and appreciate them… that same joy rises from within.

    Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all… here’s hoping we see more of it 2013!

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    squirrel proof bird feeders for peace of mind – let them choose with an e-gift!

    e-gift cards by Christmas!


    squirrel proof bird feedersOut of time? Out of good ideas? Read on!

    Ok, so he’s a chipmunk, but squirrels can be infuriating for some, while others actually encourage them with specialty feeders that are pretty entertaining to watch. Investing in quality squirrel proof bird feeders ultimately saves money by saving birdseed, and we promise… they make for better and more relaxing backyard bird watching!

    Some squirrel proof feeders a hoot to watch, like the Droll Yankees line of Flippers, Whippers, Tippers and Dippers… yes, they really do have different features. Many styles of caged feeders keep little paws and claws from reaching seed through sheer design and structure. Even if squirrels can get to the cage, they can’t reach the seed, and soon give up.

    The Suet Sanctuary is the original suet feeder that’s squirrel proof too. Reaching little hands just can’t reach the suet. Smaller songbirds, and even some woodpeckers can dine in peace, without wasting suet to gobbling, piggy squirrels.

    Another fantastic squirrel proof bird feeder is Arundale’s line of Sky Cafes. The video is hilarious and they’re considered the “Fort Knox” of bird feeders. The innovative design keeps squirrels at bay, no matter their level of acrobatic expertise!

    The good news is you can still make someones’ Christmas Day stupendous by sending an e-gift card so they can choose their own squirrel-proof bird feeder or squirrel feeder, or bird feeder, or birdhouse! We’ll even design a handsome certificate and forward it along to the recipient, or to you for color printing. Just box it, wrap it, place it under the tree and viola… Christmas gift extraordinaire… immediately!

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    What? No Partridge in a Pear Tree?

    Audobon Chrismtas Bord Count-Central Park, NY

    Audubon Annual Count in Central Park Finds 5,721 Birds 

    389 Tufted Titmice, 11 Red-tailed hawks, But No Partridge in a Pear Tree


    New York, NY – December 19, 2012 –Seventy-three intrepid volunteers spent last Sunday morning counting birds in New York City’s Central Park, where the 113th annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count  began on December 25, 1900. There, as elsewhere across the country, evidence emerged of this year’s massive southward irruption of hungry seed-eating birds from Canada’s boreal forests, where cone crops failed this year. Data from decades of counts are used to interpret such events and to distinguish annual variations like this year’s irruption from long-term trends, like the clear, long-term northward shift in the winter ranges of dozens of species due to climate change.

    According to John Rowden, Associate Director for Citizen Science for NYC Audubon,”2012 witnessed higher numbers than seen in 2011, and there were a number of unusual species seen this year, possibly as a result of irruptions from the north. Notable species included 2 Common Redpolls and 4 White-winged Crossbills.  Also, we had a lot of Tufted Titmice, double the number counted last year. They made it onto our list of top 10 most abundant species.” Central Park is a vital oasis for birds along the Atlantic Flyway, and total number of species can reach 275 during spring migration. Like Prospect Park in Brooklyn, another CBC count site, it is one of Audubon’s Important Bird Areas designated to protect habitat for birds and other wildlife.  Birds are early indicators of environmental problems.

    “This is not just about counting birds,” says Gary Langham, Audubon’s chief scientist. “Data from the Audubon Christmas Bird Count are at the heart of hundreds peer-reviewed scientific studies and inform decisions by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Department of the Interior, and the EPA. Because birds are early indicators of environmental threats to habitats we share, this is a vital survey of North America and, increasingly, the Western Hemisphere.”

    The longest running wildlife survey in the world, Audubon’s annual Christmas Bird Count (CBC) has continued through World Wars I and II and The Great Depression.  The holiday tradition began when ornithologist Frank Chapman proposed that people “hunt” birds only to count them.  Dr. Chapman’s initiative came during a time when birds were being slaughtered for fashionable hats.    Now the greatest threats to birds include sprawl, development, loss of wetlands and climate change.

    The count is undergoing several significant changes this year as Audubon builds on the program’s success to entice birdwatchers to lend their eyes and ears year round. Fees to participate in the count have been dropped to encourage greater participation, and the annual published report, American Birds, will go digital in 2013, saving more trees for the birds.. Christmas Bird Count information is available online in Spanish for the first time. And in 2013, Audubon will begin to extend conservation-focused observation efforts throughout the seasons.

    “We’re dropping fees, adding languages, going digital, and taking citizen science year-round,” said Audubon President and CEO David Yarnold. “The Audubon Christmas Bird Count harnesses volunteer power to gather knowledge that shapes conservation policy at enormous scales in this country. I couldn’t be prouder of the 60,000-plus volunteers who contribute each year: This is the largest, longest-running animal census on the planet, and we’re all proud to be a part of the CBC. And with the elimination of fees, we’re looking forward to even more people having a role in this adventure.”

    More about the Central Park Count in Audubon magazine

    The count continues until January 5.  To find a count near you http://birds.audubon.org/get-involved-christmas-bird-count

    To see the full list of birds by species for Central Park

    Ten Things We Learned from Audubon’s Christmas Bird Count

    For images and bird songs media can download, see Audubon’s  Christmas Bird Count Press Room.

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    Make Birds’ Holidays Happy with a Solar Hanging Bird Bath!

    happy holidays and hanging bird baths

    Want to find that really special gift for the nature fanatic on your list? Look no further than this solar hanging bird bath. Because fresh water in the landscape is the best way to attract birds, if that water happens to move it’s even better! Like a visual magnet, birds are drawn to moving water, even the ones who may not visit feeders, or use nest boxes. Baths are relatively easy to care for, and don’t cost money to fill like feeders.

    Make birds' holidays happy with a solar hanging bird bathThey’re great for small spaces, even on the deck, patio, or porch. There’s lots of installation options too, with innovative deck brackets, hooks and hangers. The no-rust, copper bronze finish is nice, and this hanging bird bath is plenty deep enough to accommodate a heater in winter.

    For something a little more artsy, there’s a killer handcrafted, weatherproof stoneware hanging bath. In vibrant tangerine or raspberry blue, it’s sure to punch up any spot in the garden.Artsy hanging bird bath in weather-proof stoneware and vibrant colors,

    And if you think bird baths need to be large to lure birds… think again! This past summer we had birds actually drinking from ant moats – despite the nine birdbaths scattered around the yard!

    For a very economical (so practical yet still attractive) choice, check out this stained glass & copper mini-hanging bath/feeder. It comes in six fun designs, and the pretty glass dish is perfect for offering a variety of treats; from seed mixes, suet and Stained Glass & Copper Mini Hanging Bird Bath  comes in six fun designsnuggets, to peanuts, and fruit in summer, even mealworms if one’s so inclined! And of course plain old fresh water will absolutely entice feathered friends!

    This one’s already on sale, and with the super secret, special holiday promo code, you can nab an additional 10% off. So if you’re still stumped for a perfect birding gift… jot down promo code MC10 and head over to our hanging bird bath section!

    Happy Holidays!

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    Have you seen The Grand Giving Tree?

    Hang ornaments on The Giving Tree to raise money for three deserving charitiesCheers to Grand Marnier!

    In the spirit of giving this holiday season, you are invited to hang an ornament and help spread the word about The Grand Giving Tree Facebook app.

    Help spread some holiday cheer this season with a quick visit to the The Grand Giving Tree. It costs nothing, but gives big to three deserving charities. The cause with the most ornaments by Dec. 31, receives $20,000… compliments of Grand Marnier! The two remaining groups still win with $5,000 to further their cause. Plus, by trimming the tree, you get to enter for a chance at $1000 to spread some cheer in your own world!

    This years’ three chosen groups are:
    •Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
    •Earth Day Network
    •Surfrider Foundation

    Last year’s Grand Giving Tree was overwhelmingly received and we hope you’ll join in sharing this fun, feel-good holiday experience..

    To see the tree and view the current ornament count, visit www.GrandGivingTree.com.



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    A true beauty of a stained glass bird feeder

    http://www.thebirdhousechick.com/product/BHG-DKBL-FD-DSIt shimmers, it sparkles, and light dances off its panels with grace and beauty beyond compare. This stained glass bird feeder will never fade or warp, and for the most part… it’s impervious to the elements. A generous hopper holds 3 to 5 pounds of seed, depending on the mixes’ density.

    Hand hammered copper is used for the tray (with drainage) and roof, and the feeder’s topped off with a copper hanger. Wood is good, but a non-porous surface like glass or copper is much more resistant to bacterial growth. This means food stays fresher, making it a healthier feeder for your birds.Wth generous capacity, this glass bird feeder is actually healthier for wild birds

    In an array of stunning colors, this artist even welcomes custom orders. A few years back, there was a holiday version created using red and green panels.

    Tis the season~to remember feathered friends! And always know that a gift approved by Mother Nature is one that will actually be used and enjoyed!


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    thistle feeders hung by the chimney so bright?

    Holiday Thistle Feeders add festive cheer to any landscape - and finches love them too!

    They make fun stockings for birding fanatics, but these thistle feeders are best hung outside for finches! Being creative is a great way to put some thought into a gift… because it is really supposed to be the thought that counts!

    With heavy duty mesh and velcro locking closures, you can bet they’ll be around for many seasons of use. Stuff these stockings with suet cakes, seed balls, or a bird food recipes book for swell birding gifts… and the very next day we can bet they’ll be in use!

    A non-germinating seed, thistle won’t sprout weeds, and squirrels usually leave these feeders in peace! If you offer thistle seed (or nyjer) year round, Goldfinches’ electric yellow plumage will grace the yard in summer.

    Festive thistle socks make for quick & fun stocking stuffers too, and any backyard birder would be happy to get one. Because Goldfinches actually have busy season (late spring-early summer), adding an extra feeder or two always helps with demand.
    So roll up a few for your favorite nature geek today!

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