Ode to Joy with a Nyjer Feeder & Warmest Wishes for a Merry Christmas!

Wed’ like to wish you and yours a Magical and Merry Christmas~

The season of joy and goodwill to all found this gem floating around on Facebook. Not once, nor twice, but three times I’ve viewed this video. The classical piece “Ode to Joy” was made famous by Beethoven, but he didn’t actually write it. Watch the sheer joy in the faces of young and old alike as the impromptu concert plays out. At first, folks aren’t too sure… but well worth the five minutes!

And what would this have to do with backyard birding? Absolutely nothing – except the same feeling of pure joy witnessed from something so beautiful. Watching a bluebird family raise fledgelings, seeing a nyjer feeder crowded with vibrant goldfinches, hummingbirds buzzing by your head, butterflies on lantana, or a group of cardinals feeding at dusk. These are fairly common occurrences, but if you’re lucky enough to really observe and appreciate them… that same joy rises from within.

Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all… here’s hoping we see more of it 2013!

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