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Unique Birdbath & Planter Set Creates a Mini-Oasis

May 4, 2014
posted by birdhouse chick @ 3:21 am

birdbath & planterSongbirds can be attracted to the smallest of spaces… with the right stuff! Elements found in nature are always best for birds; plantings that produce a food source and fresh water, they just can’t be beat when it comes to helping wild birds thrive.

Our hand made birdbath & planter lets you combine those elements in a stunning fashion. Whether your yard is monstrous or miniscule, you can create a one-stop oasis by planting for the birds and offering a fresh water source in one. Equally suited for deck, patio, or balcony, it’s ingenious!

Nectar producing flowers like petunias, lantana, salvia, and impatience work perfectly in the generous planter bowl, and it’s very likely that hummingbirds and butterflies will frequent these flowers for a quick meal.

The bath itself is glazed inside which helps water stay cooler. Adding a few river rocks or decorative stone makes the pool even more inviting by offering easy spots to land and perch, especially for fledgelings and juveniles during spring. Adding them will also help trap sediments at the bottom of the bowl. But when temperatures really start to heat up, water should be changed every other day. Because that’s the trick… if you keep it fresh – they will come!

In brilliant blue, green or turquoise, this bath and planter set packs a big punch for a small space. Beautiful glazed pottery, colorful annuals, and vibrant birds of spring and summer! What gardener could ask for more?

Another birdbath set worth mentioning features a bee skep, although strictly decorative. The bath is actually hand painted, and the large pottery skep makes for unique garden

Now, about that special Mother’s Day gift – there’s no way you forgot mom?

Add moving water to bird baths

March 9, 2011
posted by birdhouse chick @ 1:18 am

Water wigglers in bird baths create moving water The absolute best way to entice feathered friends is with water. Fresh water will attract birds who may never use a birdhouse or even visit your feeders. Bird baths have got to be the single most effective way to get more species visiting your yard.

And if water does the trick so well, think about moving water in your bird baths. It’s an absolute visual magnet for wild birds! If you’re lucky enough to have a pond with fountain or waterfall, or live on a creek, you already know the difference water makes in terms of wildlife-friendly habitat. But if your landscape is dry (like most of us) there are lots of ways to create this moving water. Drippers and water wigglers are wildly popular additions for bird baths, simply because of the all the action they bring. Leaf misters are another great way to create moving water – hummingbirds and especially butterflies love the gentle spray.chickdees at a bird bath with copper dripper

Here’s a net trick to make bird baths much more enticing, without spending any money at all! This works best with pedestal bird baths, but may also be adapted for hanging or ground bird baths as well. The bath needs to sit under a tree, as the source of slowly dripping water will come from above. Take a gallon milk jug and poke a pin hole in the lower corner, or bottom. Fill the jug with fresh water and tie it to a sturdy branch that’s at least 3 to 5 feet above the bath. Step away and watch the slow dripping create a visual magnet for your feathered friends! One gallon leaking through a pin hole should last at least 10 days before a refill is needed. The moving water really does attract more birds, plus mosquitoes can not lay eggs in moving water. A great project to try out for spring and summer… Happy Birding!hand crafted ceramic pedestal bird bath

Bird Baths Handcrafted the Old Fashioned Way

August 31, 2010
posted by birdhouse chick @ 5:42 pm

Hand Crafted Pedestal Bird BathWant to entice more feathered friends? Better than any birdhouse or bird feeder, bird baths really do the trick. Fresh water is very appealing to many species, even those who may never visit a feeder or use a birdhouse.The water element is in fact the most crucial one when creating a wildlife habitat.

If you fancy the nicer things in your garden, there are pedestal type bird baths that are still crafted the old fashioned way by talented artisans. Fine clays are used to create elegant designs, many are even hand painted. The Best Friends Bird Bath shown at left features an intricate relief of cats and dogs. The character is charming, and you can be sure birds will love it too! With a patented locking lid system for added stability, this bath will last for many seasons of use.

Although the production methods differ significantly they share certain features – an emphasis on quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail, offering beautiful, American-made bird baths and garden decor.Hand Painted Bird Bath with Matching Planter

The Versatile Hanging Bird Bath

August 2, 2010
posted by birdhouse chick @ 8:59 pm

Fun Acrylic Hanging Bird Bath Although you may hear it all the time, a fresh water source really is the best way to entice more species of birds to your yard. It’s so true, and once a bird bath is added you’ll be more than pleased with the results!

Even in urban areas, folks still like their songbirds. If you have a small yard, or no yard – it’s no problem! If there’s even the tiniest deck or balcony, you can easily install a hanging bird bath with a metal hook that’s made just for decks and railings. It’s truly a joy looking out the window and seeing sweet songbirds’ activity. If anything can take you away from the daily hustle and bustle…it’s got to be nature!

Hanging bird baths are well suited in big yards too where they may be ground predators lurking. Although birds do naturally bathe at ground level, the hanging bath gives them an advantage in this situation. In our yard there are ground and pedestal baths, and still we have a small copper hanging bird bath too.Handcrafted Stoneware Hanging Bird Bath

Another advantage of the hanging bird bath is that it can be used as a platform-type feeder in winter months. Many materials like weatherproof stoneware (shown here) will withstand freezing temperatures. With the large, flat area, it’s versatile enough for feeding suet, peanuts, mealworms, birdseed mixes, or just about anything you’d like to offer feathered friends in freezing months.

The optimal water depth is about 2-inches for birds to bathe and wade comfortably. If your birdbath is deeper than that, try placing a large rock in the center for birds to perch safely.

Bird Baths Will Have Them Flocking!

July 14, 2010
posted by birdhouse chick @ 11:22 pm

By and large, a fresh water source will attract more birds to your yard! The best single way to entice feathered friends is with bird baths. Many species who may never visit a feeder, or even use a birdhouse to nest, will visit a birdbath with fresh water in it. Many styles will compliment an environment nicely by using design elements that are found in nature itself.

This hand made pedestal birdbath is also hand painted. Cheery Goldfinches perched on graceful branches is such a scene found in nature. These kinds of ceramic baths really do enhance the garden or yard, and bring it to life once discovered by birds.

The bath doesn’t have to be a pedestal type either, hanging bird baths are also wonderful for attracting birds. And if it’s a close-up view you’d like, deck-mount bird baths bring the action right to your window. Hanging and deck mounted bird baths are also perfect for smaller spaces. While birds tend to bathe at ground level in the wild, raised baths are preferred if predators lurk in the yard.

The optimal water depth for bird baths is really only two to three inches. This is the depth where birds can bathe and wade comfortably. If the birdbath is deeper, a large rock may be placed in the center for birds to perch. Adding a birdbath to your yard will positively impact the numbers and different species who will visit…try it and see!

An Aged Ceramic Bird Bath

May 14, 2010
posted by birdhouse chick @ 11:54 pm

Ground bathing comes naturally for birds, and with ground birdbaths you can provide feathered friends with fresh water on warm summer days. Check daily to make sure there is plenty of water for birds to drink and bathe. Other wildlife will be grateful for the water too.

This ceramic bird bath ensures a timeless object of beauty in the garden, even when birds aren’t using it! The elegant black scroll print and aged-look ceramic gives it authentic old world charm.

Please note: if ground predators such as cats are prevalent in the area, it’s best to either raise the bath a few feet up on a tree stump or table, or refrain from using this style of birdbath. Pedestal or hanging bird baths would be much better suited in this situation.

Ceramic Bird Baths In Vibrant Colors

May 14, 2010
posted by birdhouse chick @ 12:01 am

New to the hobby of backyard birding?

There are numerous ways to attract more species than with houses and food.

Investing in a quality bird bath is one of the best ways to attract more feathered friends to your yard. A fresh water source serves many who may not ever use a birdhouse, or perch at a feeder. In the heat of summer with severe droughts, and in frigid snowy winter months, birds need water to survive. Not only for drinking, but bathing keeps feathers clean, preened and working right!

The choices can be overwhelming, and the absolute best birdbath is the one you will maintain for your birds to use. Sound silly? Not at all….heavy concrete baths look nice, I have one in my yard. But the bowl sure is awkward and heavy to dump old water. I have to brace it against my leg to do so. Also, the porous surface makes it a little harder to keep clean. Glass baths are nice, not too heavy, and very easy to clean.

If adding a splash of color to the yard or garden is a concern, ceramic bird baths are the way to go. Vibrant colors in every possible style of birdbath are out there. Be it hanging, pedestal, or a ground birdbath, ceramics bring a bit of functional art to any environment. Two useful features of ceramic bird baths are these: they help keep water cooler during high temperatures, and they have the ability to withstand a bath heater in winter. All in all, they make an excellent choice for a new backyard birding accessory, as well as a great gift for any occasion. A gift that gets used everyday, lasts a lifetime, and gives back to nature is sure to bring joy to the recipient…with no worries of re-gifting!

Add Moving Water to a Ceramic Bird Bath

December 21, 2009
posted by birdhouse chick @ 3:25 am

ceramic bird bathMoving water in a bird bath will make a huge difference in the numbers and species who frequent it. In fact, a fresh water source is one of the best ways to attract more birds. This is because all species of wild birds do not use birdhouses and bird feeders.

So if water is the best way to attract them…moving water is even better! Like a visual magnet to birds, the gentle ripples of a water wiggler, or the slow, dripping from a copper tube commands their attention and keeps them coming back. The difference is really hard to believe until you’ve tried it! Whether you have a ground bath, deck-mount model, tall ceramic bird bath, or the new hanging baths with built in misters, moving water is definitely where the action is.

ceramic bird bath

The Beauty of Ceramic Bird Baths

December 19, 2009
posted by birdhouse chick @ 2:15 am

ceramic bird baths

Bird baths are one of the most effective ways to attract more feathered friends to your yard.

ceramic bird baths

They may not use bird feeders, and many are non-cavity dwelling species (they won’t use birdhouses), but you can bet these birds WILL visit a fresh water source! Especially in winter, when many natural, shallow water sources have frozen over, birdbaths prove to be life savers for many wild birds.

With ceramic bird baths, there is the capacity to withstand a heater or de-icer. This makes perfect sense for keeping your bath available year-round for birds. I’ve just never understood why folks empty and turn baths upside down for winter? The need is so great this time of year. When ceramics are glazed, they tend to keep water cooler in summer’s heat too.

There are several heaters available that are safe for all birdbaths now, so there’s never any worries of damage or melting. Ceramic bird baths are available in every style and color imaginable. Hanging, pedestal, or even deck-mount (with the use of a special bracket) will all be visited and appreciated by your birds! Even a plain ceramic saucer on the ground, or a tree stump makes for a great birdbath when maintained with fresh water….Just add water and see the difference!