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    The Versatile Hanging Bird Bath

    Fun Acrylic Hanging Bird Bath Although you may hear it all the time, a fresh water source really is the best way to entice more species of birds to your yard. It’s so true, and once a bird bath is added you’ll be more than pleased with the results!

    Even in urban areas, folks still like their songbirds. If you have a small yard, or no yard – it’s no problem! If there’s even the tiniest deck or balcony, you can easily install a hanging bird bath with a metal hook that’s made just for decks and railings. It’s truly a joy looking out the window and seeing sweet songbirds’ activity. If anything can take you away from the daily hustle and bustle…it’s got to be nature!

    Hanging bird baths are well suited in big yards too where they may be ground predators lurking. Although birds do naturally bathe at ground level, the hanging bath gives them an advantage in this situation. In our yard there are ground and pedestal baths, and still we have a small copper hanging bird bath too.Handcrafted Stoneware Hanging Bird Bath

    Another advantage of the hanging bird bath is that it can be used as a platform-type feeder in winter months. Many materials like weatherproof stoneware (shown here) will withstand freezing temperatures. With the large, flat area, it’s versatile enough for feeding suet, peanuts, mealworms, birdseed mixes, or just about anything you’d like to offer feathered friends in freezing months.

    The optimal water depth is about 2-inches for birds to bathe and wade comfortably. If your birdbath is deeper than that, try placing a large rock in the center for birds to perch safely.

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    Bird Baths Will Have Them Flocking!

    By and large, a fresh water source will attract more birds to your yard! The best single way to entice feathered friends is with bird baths. Many species who may never visit a feeder, or even use a birdhouse to nest, will visit a birdbath with fresh water in it. Many styles will compliment an environment nicely by using design elements that are found in nature itself.

    This hand made pedestal birdbath is also hand painted. Cheery Goldfinches perched on graceful branches is such a scene found in nature. These kinds of ceramic baths really do enhance the garden or yard, and bring it to life once discovered by birds.

    The bath doesn’t have to be a pedestal type either, hanging bird baths are also wonderful for attracting birds. And if it’s a close-up view you’d like, deck-mount bird baths bring the action right to your window. Hanging and deck mounted bird baths are also perfect for smaller spaces. While birds tend to bathe at ground level in the wild, raised baths are preferred if predators lurk in the yard.

    The optimal water depth for bird baths is really only two to three inches. This is the depth where birds can bathe and wade comfortably. If the birdbath is deeper, a large rock may be placed in the center for birds to perch. Adding a birdbath to your yard will positively impact the numbers and different species who will visit…try it and see!

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    An Aged Ceramic Bird Bath

    Ground bathing comes naturally for birds, and with ground birdbaths you can provide feathered friends with fresh water on warm summer days. Check daily to make sure there is plenty of water for birds to drink and bathe. Other wildlife will be grateful for the water too.

    This ceramic bird bath ensures a timeless object of beauty in the garden, even when birds aren’t using it! The elegant black scroll print and aged-look ceramic gives it authentic old world charm.

    Please note: if ground predators such as cats are prevalent in the area, it’s best to either raise the bath a few feet up on a tree stump or table, or refrain from using this style of birdbath. Pedestal or hanging bird baths would be much better suited in this situation.