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Hanging Bird Baths Do Double-Duty

As hot as the past few summers have been, providing a fresh water source for feathered friends is crucial. It’s a life-saving element in many instances. The bath needn’t be an elaborate one, as water is the prize, and guaranteed….it attracts birds like no other accessory.

Hanging bird baths are a great option if trying to decide on a new bath. They keep birds safe from ground predators because of the height at which they are hung. They’re easy to clean as most are made in ceramic, glass, or plastic inserts that fit in a decorative holder. You have various mounting options with hanging bird baths: any branch, or a shepherds hook, or a mounting bracket from a deck or porch. But the best thing is that they do double-duty!

As winter approaches and temperatures drop, hanging bird baths may be used as bird feeders too. And not just for seed, the platform area allows you to feed a variety of treats to birds. Suet, peanuts, mealworms or any mix of food may be used with ease. So change it up according to season, and instead of turning the birdbath upside down for winter storage, help birds to thrive by offering nutritious, high energy foods for them during those tough winter months.

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