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An Affordable Bird Cam

bird camFor many people, the ultimate accessory for an avid birder is the bird cam. A small color camera that can be mounted in a bird house allows you to see things that can amaze and enlighten you about your feathered friends. A bird cam is the ultimate “reality TV” — the Nature Channel programmed by Mother Nature!

Surprisingly, the bird cam isn’t just for the well heeled fan of bird watching; in recent years they have become very affordable. For as little as $99.00 — or for about the price of a high-end bird feeder or twirl-a-squirrel combination — you can be watching nature in the comfort of your living room. A number of models are available, including the Hawk Eye Nature Cam which can be installed anywhere. Do your research as sometimes a little more money gets you a lot more functionality.

For the birder who got into this hobby slowly, a bird cam is a wonderful next step. And with no commercials and a cast of thousands, you’ll be sure to keep tuning in for a long, long time.

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