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    Great Bird Cam of Bluebird Feedings

    Check out this great bird cam capturing an Eastern Bluebird feeding nestlings and removal of sacs.

    Buying a bird cam is much more feasible now as more models are available and prices have dropped considerably. They’re a great educational tool, as well as just plain entertaining to watch. Bring the great outdoors into the living room with a bird watching camera and witness some of nature’s little miracles!

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    An Affordable Bird Cam

    bird camFor many people, the ultimate accessory for an avid birder is the bird cam. A small color camera that can be mounted in a bird house allows you to see things that can amaze and enlighten you about your feathered friends. A bird cam is the ultimate “reality TV” — the Nature Channel programmed by Mother Nature!

    Surprisingly, the bird cam isn’t just for the well heeled fan of bird watching; in recent years they have become very affordable. For as little as $99.00 — or for about the price of a high-end bird feeder or twirl-a-squirrel combination — you can be watching nature in the comfort of your living room. A number of models are available, including the Hawk Eye Nature Cam which can be installed anywhere. Do your research as sometimes a little more money gets you a lot more functionality.

    For the birder who got into this hobby slowly, a bird cam is a wonderful next step. And with no commercials and a cast of thousands, you’ll be sure to keep tuning in for a long, long time.

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    See a Whole New World with a Bird Cam

    Bird Cam

    If you enjoy backyard birding, there’s a neat little accessory that will bring great rewards!  A Bird Cam allows you to view birds in a whole new and exciting way.  Up close and personal, they allow us to view feeders, breeding habits, and the growth and progress of nestlings. Fairly inexpensive, Bird Cams provide great entertainment of the natural world in the comfort of your home.  Video can be viewed on the TV or computer.  Not only for birds, they’re excellent for viewing all of nature’s activities.  Placed by a duck pond, deer feeder, or just about anywhere, extra video cable is available for longer distances to the house.

    Birders all over the world are kind enough to share their finds too. Many bird clubs and groups post their bird cams for others to enjoy and monitor. A great invention that brings folks much closer to nature and each other!  You can view these cams, courtesy of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology: