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Bird Accessories That Make a Difference

bird accessories bird accessoriesbird accessories

Backyard birding involves more than just birdhouses and bird feeders. You can take a great hobby (that gives us so much pleasure) to the next level with a few useful bird accessories.

For example, some seed catchers and seed trays will actually provide extra feeding space for birds who may not perch at the feeder itself. The tray also serves as a platform allowing you to add a variety of food and treats that can’t go in the feeder. Fruit, nuts, mealworms, or suet may be added to any platform for additional variety. This alone will attract more species of birds to the feeder.

Nesting material is another bird accessory that is often overlooked. Non-cavity dwellers will seek out nesting materials to build their nests and raise the brood. Cotton yarns, feathers, mosses, even dryer lint and pet hair are useful to these birds. You can make your own nesting ball using a mesh produce bag from the grocery store. We made one with horse tail hair that our birds just tear to pieces!

WindowAlert decals have done wonders in preventing bird window strikes. Barely visible to the human eye, these static cling decals act like a big stop sign for birds. They work brilliantly and truly reduce these nasty accidents if your birds are striking windows in your home.

If you’re new to birding, try one thing at at time and see how it works for your birds and you. The list is endless, from creating moving water in a bird bath, to weather guards for feeders, and squirrel baffles, the bird accessories really make a difference!

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