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    new wave kind of tube bird feeder

    hand crafted, and very cool tube bird feeder for thistle or black oil sunflowerA substantial sized feeder is good… because you simply don’t have to fill them as often. In general, hopper feeders tend to be on the larger size, while tube bird feeders usually hold less seed. This is okay if you don’t have much bird traffic, but right now it seems everyone is fattening up for fall and the yearly migration to southern climates.

    This tube bird feeder is way cool, just the way it looks is pretty darn groovy in itself. I like it because it holds four pounds of seed, and is hand crafted i the USA. Super quality means it will be around for many seasons, and it’s made in two styles; for black oil sunflower or thistle seed. When the perches are all full… it’s really a pretty impressive site to behold.

    Finches, Chickadees, Titmice, Nuthatches, and other small songbirds can be seen at a tube bird feeder. This past summer, we were lucky enough to see a few Indigo Buntings at the tube bird feeder in our yard.

    As always, a fresh water source, such as a bird bath will always entice more birds than any feeder itself, especially with the severe drought in the Southeast. You can help migratory birds by keeping feeders full and fresh, offering suet and fruit, and a fresh water source in your yard. Something as simple as a large plant saucer filled with water can serve as a birdbath and oasis for many feathered friends!

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    cool peanut bird feeders offer versatility

    solid copper architectural peanut bird feederAll bird feeders are not created equal!

    Many of the standards are made to hold one kind of food. Thistle feeders for example, are only functional with thistle or nyjer seed. Hopper type feeders work with several kinds of seed mixes, or black oil sunflower, but not with peanuts, fruit, or suet. And suet feeders won’t hold seed, no matter how large the morsels may be in size.

    Some peanut bird feeders however, will accommodate other treats to further entice feathered friends. This solid copper peanut bird feeder is hand crafted with superb quality. The architectural design is pleasing to the eye with it’s clean lines and modern form. The copper will turn to a lovely patina finish over time. But the real beauty in peanut bird feeders like this is versatility. Offering shelled or whole peanuts in cold weather for your local resident birds, food may be changed with seasons to attract migratory birds as well. Fruit works well with this design, as does suet and nugget-type treats. That’s like having three or four bird feeders in one!

    Also being hand crafted in the USA, you know you’ll be supporting local artists and our economy. So, for the next wild bird feeder, you may want to keep in mind the versatility factor and buying USA made art.

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    handsome hopper bird feeders

    hand crafted cedar hopper bird feederIn order to accommodate more birds, we usually add more feeders. This is probably why our yard now hosts around twenty-some feeders… it’s a chore keeping up too.

    If you’re starting with your first bird feeder, or just prefer keeping it to a minimum, then hopper bird feeders are a great choice. They’ll hold different seed mixes so you can experiment and see what works best, and they usually offer lots of perching space for multiple birds to dine at once. Hopper Bird Feeders tend to have a larger seed capacity than tube style feeders as well, so you spend less time filling and more time watching.

    This handsome hopper is hand crafted in cedar, with meticulous workmanship and quality materials. It may be more expensive than the hopper bird feeders found at “big box” stores, but it will outlast them by many years. Plus this is an individual artist’s work –  their mark and TLC have gone into the making, creating a piece to enjoy and admire for many seasons to come.copper and stained glass hopper bird feeder

    Another handsome hopper feeder is this stained glass and copper beauty. Hand crafted in the most beautiful hues, quality hopper bird feeders like these add an interesting focal point in any garden or landscape setting. Again, the generous perching area will accommodate several birds feeding at once.

    Even if you’d like to keep the number of feeders to a minimum, you can still attract many more species by offering fresh water. It really is the single, most effective way to entice birds to your yard.  Definitely consider adding a bird bath, be it hanging, pedestal, deck-mounted, or a ground bath, you’ll be amazed at the new visitors you’ll see!