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    Grande Copper Hopper Bird Feeder for Mom!

    large capacity hopper bird feederA most awesome Mother’s Day gift, it hangs, it post-mounts, it holds 10 lbs. of seed… or even 20 lbs. for the serious backyard birder! Clean it with a forceful spray from the garden hose, it won’t hurt these large capacity hopper bird feeders.

    She’ll use this gift everyday, even if  just a glance out the window at her busiest or most hectic times. A glimpse of nature in action has the uncanny ability to soothe the soul and calm the nerves… bird folks know this truth to be self-evident!

    The hoppers are vinyl (like the siding on houses) so they really do last a lifetime, no cracking, fading, peeling or mildew. Handcrafted in the USA, and bird-approved, they’re easy to fill and clean via lift-off roof and/or pop-out finial.

    Generous seed hopper bird feeder port-detailports on 4 sides allow for chunkier seed mixes which may contain peanuts (yum) and lots of perching space to accommodate several takers at once. Expect chickadees, cardinals, titmice, nuthatches and all the usual suspects for dining in high style.

    Post Mounted Hopper Bird FeederThe post-mounted hoppers include decorative brackets (also done in vinyl/PVC) that slide on a standard 4×4 post. Shiny copper roofs remain that way for a minimum of 3-4 years before they start to weather and become dark. Aged patina roofs (shown above) are created using an acid wash with heat process and remain this way indefinitely. To clean environmental build-up, a soft soapy cloth and garden hose do the trick nicely.

    But ya can’t wait till the last minute as each one is made to order! We’re getting them out the door within 1-2 days to make lots of Moms really happy next Sunday, but remember all the moms and all the packages being sent next week. Shipping services become inundated and standard delivery times may fall short of what’s promised.

    So shake a tail feather and make this Mother’s Day extremely special with a hopper bird feeder that guaranteed for life, she’ll never, ever paint, repair or replace this one!

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    Happy Halloween Pumpkin Turned Hopper Bird Feeder

    Pumpkin hoper bird feeder with bluejayAfter Halloween (like tomorrow) you can take that pumpkin and recycle it for birds!

    Over at Hummingbirds Anonymous (a really cool facebook group with 26,000 members) this image appeared in their news feed. By digging a well, or scooping out the pumpkin, a hopper’s created to hold peanuts or seed for feathered friends.

    Another idea found over at Audubon.org, shows a hanging pumpkin with easy instructions for crafting this temporary hopper bird feeder. Some of the comments are fairly funny, bear feeder, squirrel feeder and raccoon attraction, so if planning on hanging a pumpkin for the birds, use a baffle on the pole to thwart squirrels and raccoons!hanging pumpkin hopper bird feeder

    Need an idea for a cool carving? Back again at Hummingbirds Anonymous, these pumpkins rock with their bird themes! Folks do love their avian amigos and the ways are simple and many to help them thrive.

    The basics are easy, as in food, water and shelter. When planting, think native for natural food sources and shelter. Water need not be in a bird bath per se, just a shallow pool about 2 inches deep works great. This cold be a plant saucer or bowl from the kitchen! Add a few stones or a large rock to assist with safe footing for perching and landing spots. Depth is important, no more than two inches of water in any kind of vessel. Leave birdhouses up through winter as many species may use them to roost at night.

    At holidays, be cautious of outdoor decorations as some may pose a real threat to wild birds. Just because migration is winding down doesn’t mean the cool birds are gone. Resident birds like chickadees, jays, nuthatches, cardinals and titmice will bring song and color to the garden through the dreary months of winter ahead.

    hummingbird pumpkin carvingHappy Halloween to all ~ may it be a safe and fun one!

    Hummingbird Theme Pumpkin Carving


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    Post-Mount Hopper Bird Feeder Offers Major Curb Appeal

    Majestic for a hopper bird feeder, this one adds curb appeal too!Larger seed feeders seem to be banished to the backyard, likely for the best viewing options. Sometimes on the side of a home, but you do occasionally see them in the front. Some folks may place a beautiful birdhouse in the landscape… simply for the aesthetic. But those who actually feed the birds are serious!

    Gazebo style feeders offer a traditional architectural accent, some with Victorian flair, others even more creative. But the tube, the tube’s the problem for the serious backyard birder. They’re relatively small, holding maybe one or two pounds of seed. With winter still hanging on and natural food sources depleted, birds have been ravenous around feeders. And with spring bulbs already forcing through the ground, migratory friends will soon arrive (whether the weather cooperates or not!)crocus blooms coincide with the start of nesting season


    Enter the post-mount hopper bird feeder with ten-pound capacity and majestic appearance. A distinctive accent for the landscape, it’s definitely worthy of the front lawn. Because the roof is copper, and that’s actually vinyl/PVC (not wood) its appearance remains new. In fact it’s guaranteed against rotting, cracking or warping. Vinyl will not mildew, making it a healthier feeding surface for birds. Bacteria and mold have nowhere to settle, no deep, dark cracks or crevices in which to grow.

    Hopper style feeders like these are one-time investments in the landscape with ideal functionality to entice feathered friends. They’re simple to fill, clean and are virtually maintenance-free. An aged patina finish is offered, as well as a hanging model. Lots of options with easy installation too – slides right on a standard 4×4 post, brackets included as shown.

    Save 10% through 3/15. Use code MC10 and feed the birds in high style… now come on spring!


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    Vinyl Hopper Bird Feeders with Extra Large Capacity

    large capacity hopper bird feedersTired of filling puny feeders every other day? With migrations under way bird feeders are likely to be seeing increased activity over the next few weeks. Food and fresh water greatly help migratory birds on their way south.

    These stunners pass for wood, in fact you’d swear they were wood… but they’re vinyl. The kind that’s used in housing construction, so you can bet it’s durable and everlasting! As is the copper roof, whether bright and shiny or aged patina, the 16-gauge copper (with brass rivets) also lasts a lifetime. These feeders will never warp, crack, mildew or split to boot.

    Now for the best part… (drum roll please) the hoppers are definitely whoppers! In two sizes that are both fairly large, these hopper bird feeders hold 10 and 20 lbs. of seed. The traditional post mounted feeder is complete with decorative brackets (also vinyl) and a newer hanging style offers more flexibility for placement in the landscape.hanging hopper bird feeders Even the finials are a composite resin to ensure there’s no deterioration whatsoever.

    There are houses to match, and lots of folks purchase them for the aesthetic flavor, a timeless elegance in the garden. But it’s the folks who purchase feeders who actually feed the birds! So if you’re looking for a really large capacity feeder… look no further! Probably a little more than the planned spend, we can guarantee these feeders will never require maintenance and will certainly never need to be replaced.

    For a thorough cleaning, simply take the garden hose to it with cloth in hand. For any build-up of environmental grime, a little soapy water is all it takes to revive the crisp white color. If there were ever a product we couldn’t be more proud to offer… it’s our time tested and bird-approved hopper feeders!

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    Big Daddy of a Copper Bird Feeder for Dad~with 10% off

    copper bird feederGive dad a gift he’ll really enjoy and use… like everyday!

    If he’s a nature kind of guy who enjoys the outdoors and especially birds… these feeders are the bomb! Crafted with utmost quality, of durable vinyl/PVC. So what’s the big deal about vinyl? It absolutely lasts!

    These copper bird feeders are guaranteed for life, they’ll never rot like wood, warp, peel, split, crack or mildew. What you see is what you get too. The vinyl mounting collar below the base slides right on a 4×4 post, doink… done! The decorative brackets are already attached, even the finial on top won’t wear because it’s not wood. The surface has texture so it doesn’t look like plastic, a few folks have sworn these were wood!

    The copper stays bright for about four years before it even begins to weather, turning pretty dark before ever displaying the slightest hint of green. A copper lacquer may be applied if bright and shiny is your thing, say in 3 or 4 years down the road.

    Like that pretty patina color? Got ya covered with this version!Copper Bird Feeder Its a rather large feeder and requires a good bit of space to display its elegance. Gazebo feeders like these are bird-friendly as seed stays protected from the elements, and birds are sheltered while eating.

    A new large capacity feeder is done in a hopper style as opposed to the center feeder tube. The copper hopper’s huge and holds ten or twenty pounds of seed, depending on the model (two sizes). Yep, 10 lbs. of seed without having to refill as often. And if that’s not enough options, the hopper feeder comes in post-mount and hanging designs.

    copper bird feeder


    Take 10% off these copper bird feeders – or any others with promo code MC10. Good through 6/30/14

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    They’re Our Biggest & Best Hopper Bird Feeders Ever!

    They're the largest capacity hopper bird feeders we've ever seen! The bigger the hopper the more it will hold but don’t it believe because you are told they’ll never wear or start to look old a true statement of confidence-maybe a bit bold! New for 2104, large and extra huge capacity hopper bird feeders that will have you doing way less filling and more time relaxing & enjoying backyard birds. Not any old hopper mind you, our best selling feeders for six years straight just got even better! So what’s fuss? Although these may look like wood, they’re done in vinyl, which means they will not deteriorate. No warping, mildew, rotting, peeling, cracking or splitting… it’s guaranteed! It took a long time asking and begging to create something besides our original gazebo feeders. They’re quite stunning, but a tube only holds so much seed. If you’re serious into birds like us… you know what we mean. Even the smaller size hopper accommodates ten pounds of your favorite seed mix, and we’re talking the chunky nut mixes that birds love so much.

    With a majestic copper roof, these large capacity hopper feeders come in hanging and The classiest of our hopper bird feeders shown in a post-mounted modelpost-mount styles, and the copper is always available in traditional or patina on each model. Post mounted feeders come with a vinyl mounting collar and decorative brackets as shown – at no additional cost. The best part is that it slides right on your standard 4×4 post. Large seed tray invites lots of feathered friends to feed at once, and offers ample drainage to keep seed dry.

    Custom made to your liking, our new vinyl hoppers are by far the largest capacity feeders out there. And ready for this? The larger size is a monster – holding 20 lbs. of bird seed! Now that doesn’t mean one has to fill them all the way, the square design itself is new, and a nice option with its clean lines and an architectural appeal.

    Still in the making below, we especially love the generous seed ports. Look closely at the material, a few customers have called over the years insisting these were wood. No shiny plastic-looking stuff here… first class all the way, beautiful in the landscape and made to last!Prototype hopper bird feeder port detail while under construction

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    glass bird feeder is built to last

    Handcrafted stained glass bird feeder never fades or rusts, chew-proof too!Although wood is good for birdhouses, it’s not always best for feeders because squirrels chew wood! Over time wood will weather, sometimes nicely-sometimes not depending on the quality. Wood is porous and therefore harbors bacteria and mold… not good for birds. Copper, glass, or recycled plastic provides a slick surface that’s more resistant to bacteria, much easier to clean and way better for the birds.

    A stained glass bird feeder like this hopper model allows for various seed mixes. It won’t ever fade, warp or rust, and it’s chew-proof by squirrels. Handcrafted in the USA, it’s available in about eight different colors, and features a hand hammered copper roof.

    What’s the best kind feeder to get when starting out? It’s simply got to be the one you will maintain. Basic black oil sunflower is a popular seed that many species enjoy. If you don’t care for the hulls or mess below feeders – opt for sunflower hearts or a “no-waste” mix. These cost a little more, but every morsel is consumed, no messy ground waste below feeders! Cheap seed with fillers (like milo and millet) will end up on the ground, and in damp or humid conditions, creates another breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Ground feeding birds like cardinals, towhees and juncos will sift through this junk looking for a bite to eat. Yuck!

    If the only feeder you’re up to maintaining is a simple bowl, that’s okay too. Just keep it clean and keep food fresh… and they wiplain bowl or glass bird feeder - just keep it clean and keep food freshll come! And don’t forget to add a water source, a shallow bowl or plant saucer with fresh water creates a refuge on hot summer days!

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    a whopper of hopper bird feeders

    When talking hopper bird feeders - we like the large capacity, double styleThis past winter it seemed like spring was taking forever. Ease up – too much bird food, we’re going through this stuff like water! Once it warms up the birds will eat less, right? Wrong! It seems we’re going through just as much seed now as we did in when it was cold? Sure a few unwelcome grackles and starlings put a dent in the supply, but omg… seems like bumper crops of cardinals, and chickadees, and titmice, and woodpeckers, and nuthatches, and finches, and well, you get the picture.

    Last summer the drought was to blame for vanishing natural food sources, but we’ve had rain galore in the Southeast. Something I’d never witnessed last year: a male cardinal feeding his fledgeling from the hopper bird feeder onto the ground, back to the feeder, and back to the baby below. It was a pretty cool sight, but also sad in a way. He would’ve been teaching that baby how to forage and find food in the wild… had it all not shriveled up 🙁

    That’s why it gets me in the gut sometimes when folks say “I don’t feed the birds in summer”. It’s got to be up there with turning the birdbath over for winter. Wild birds are wild indeed, if a food source disappears, they’ll move on to find another. Just seems once you’ve attracted them with feeders or bird baths, it should be a consistent source. Call me the crazy bird lady!

    Oh yeah, and the whopper of Hopper Bird Feeders? This durable cedar model with ample perching space offers two different seed mixes for maximum bird attraction! A large seven quart capacity and two removable seed trays makes it easy to clean and fill. Great quality, made in the USA makes it last too!

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    what a season for hopper bird feeders!

    Double Hopper Bird Feeders like this hold more seed and offer feeding options.Busy feeders this season… that would be an understatement! Oh how I wish we were in the birdseed business because it’s been an amazingly active season for seed feeders.

    Now there’s a pretty good smorgasbord going on in our yard, with suet, peanuts, mealworms, even the squirrels get theirs as all bird feeders have baffles to keep them at bay. But sunflower hearts, cardinal and finch mix? Omg… going through this seed like water, and spending more on seed than groceries!

    Winter’s been a bit longer and colder than last year, but this is supposed to be spring right? Wrong – central IL just saw 5 inches of the white stuff today. Bluebirds who have started laying eggs will loose the clutch if incubation has not yet begun.

    Large Hopper Bird Feeders are being filled at the rate of ridiculousness, and positively, squirrels aren’t raiding them! Big double hoppers like this are being emptied twice a week, we’ve never seen birds so ravenous. Raging hormones and gearing up for nesting couldn’t possibly be the cause? More birds? Maybe they’ve told all their friends of a great new restaurant? But it’s not just our yard, reports from our local feed store say it’s been a fantastic seed-selling season, more so than any other they can recall.

    This kind of seed’s not cheap either. Past droughts and fuel costs have caused most birdseed to skyrocket in cost. While searching Craigslist recently a person was bartering with food stamps. Hmmm… wonder if anyone would take food stamps as payment for bird seed?

    The good news is migratory birds are on their way, nectar costs just pennies to make (so easy too), and well, fruit and jelly are nothing compared to the money being spent on on seed 🙂with hummingbirds on the way, hopper bird feeders can take a break in lieu of nectar feeders!

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    A Different Breed of Hopper Bird Feeders

    Innovative design on these hopper bird feeders renders them absolutely weather-proofWould you file this one under hopper feeders? Because it’s definitely not a tube style, nor a platform (although it does have one). Do you think birds know about  “thinking outside of the box”? They must have some clue, because instead of eating downward in natural fashion, they eat upward with this feeder. Huh? That’s what we first thought too… until we saw it in action!

    The All-Weather Feeders are truly an innovation in wild bird feeding. These hopper bird feeders absolutely keep seed dry in the most horrid conditions, and only dispense seed that’s required at a particular time – for that particular bird. Ten seed ports installed on the underside of the big hopper are totally protected from the elements… even sideways rain! Birds use the tray to land and perch, while feeding from above, allowing you full view of all feeding birds. The tray is also useful for acclimating birds while the feeder is still new to them. Additional treats (like shelled peanuts or suet chunks) may also be used on the tray itself to further entice feathered friends.

    Available in four or six-quart capacity, the All-Weather Feeder offers an optional pole mount attachment too. Black oil sunflower or a safflower/sunflower mix tends to work best. The seed ports are too small for striped sunflower seed. Made of sturdy polycarbonate that won’t yellow over time, the feeder also comes with a full ten year guarantee against breakage.

    No more cleaning out wet seed after rain and snow (when birds depend most on a constant food source). 100% weather-proof feeder keeps seed dry and available at all times, no matter the weather! Truly an innovation in wild bird feeding, it just goes to show that all hopper bird feeders are not created equal!

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