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    Some Very Wild Bird Feeders

    Ceramic Cupcake Wild Bird FeederBird feeders of every make and model imaginable will keep your feathered friends fat and happy! Any wild bird feeders that are easy to fill and clean are the ones that will attract more birds. If it becomes a real pain to clean…you may not tend to do it on a regular basis. And this is of utmost importance to birds’ health, as disease can be spread very easily amongst the immediate population.

    Stoneware, ceramics and glass wild bird feeders alleviate the dreaded gnawing of squirrels, and this can be a big plus to many folks who have football teams of the critters in their yard. Another benefit of these materials is they are non-porous, which prevents bacteria and germs from settling into surfaces.Stoneware Cool Cat Bird Feeder

    Pictured are just a few fun bird feeders that are guaranteed to attract and entice feathered friends. From ceramic cupcakes, to stoneware cats, these wild bird feeders make awesome gifts for any birding enthusiast or nature lover that might be on your list! Wild bird feeders make very long-lasting gifts, that actually get used everyday…now what could be better than that?

    Fun Stoneware Bird Feeders

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    Even Wood Birdhouses Go Recycled

    Blue Roof Motel BirdhouseThere is something to be said for weathered wood, it has a character you just don’t see in new construction. Recycled barn wood has become quite popular in many home and garden items. The rustic look has wonderful appeal and blends with many styles of decorating. I remember seeing a barn wood bench in the Sundance catalog years ago that was beautiful, but out of my price range.

    For the garden, some artists are crafting wood birdhouses from old barn wood and fence posts. Using reclaimed items such as tin, license plates, and even materials from local junk yards, these houses have character beyond compare. Wood birdhouses with clean-outs and ventilation are meant for feathered friends and provide vital nesting and roosting spots.

    The Blue Roof Motel shown here is crafted from old barn wood and tin. Twelve cozy compartments each provide a great spot for wrens, finches, chickadees and other small songbirds. Also available in red, this wood birdhouse compliments just about any garden or landscape, and offers birds protection from the elements and predators too. In early spring, any number of the 12 compartments may become the perfect nest site for your feathered friends!

    Red Roof Motel Birdhouse

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    Decorative Bird Houses Built to Last a Lifetime

    Vinylwith Copper Roof bird housesProviding much needed nesting sites for wild birds has really evolved since backyard birding has become such a popular hobby. Today, decorative bird houses run the gamut from just a few bucks to hundreds of dollars for an artist’s piece of work. Hand made, high quality birdhouses and bird feeders that command attention while enticing and attracting feathered friends.

    These copper roof decorative bird houses are constructed of PVC/vinyl and guaranteed to last a lifetime. Because it is the same vinyl used in the construction of people houses….you know it’s going to last. With little to no maintenance, the houses and feeders are a dream. Forget about squirrels gnawing on them, or weathers’ severe toll like their wooden counterparts. These houses and feeders are absolutely guaranteed to never crack, split or fade.Vinyl with copper roof decorative birdhouse

    One of the great things with these vinyl and copper roof houses is that each piece is made to order, so you get to choose either a bright copper, or an aged patina copper roof. The other factor is the amazing quality. Hand crafted using a CNC router ensures absolute precision in each and every bird house and feeder. Some models are even available with a cypress shingle roof for a more rustic look.

    Sizes range from a six-to-eight inch diameter house for bluebirds, all the way up to a jumbo 22-inch diameter for purple martin houses – which happen to be about four feet tall! From single compartments, to twelve compartments, with copper portals or perches, there are many great designs from which to choose. The roof shapes vary too, offering a bell, slope, or curly accent on the top of these wonderful decorative bird houses. They make an awesome and life-long gift for any backyard birder on your list!8 Compartment Dovecoat Vinyl and Copper Birdhouse