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    Comedic Cats for Some Unique Birdhouses

    hand carved fat cat unique birdhouseBirdhouse designs need not be boring in order to be functional. These hand carved, and hand painted funny cat birdhouses are totally fun and functional. They have trap doors, or twist off bases for yearly clean-out, proper ventilation, and they offer feathered friends a cozy and safe nesting sitHand made fat cat wooden birdhousee. Birds will also use houses to roost on cold winter nights, and for protection when Mr. Hawk or the neighbor’s cat visits the yard.

    Crafted from a renewable, fast growth resource, albesia wood is durable and practical. Non toxic paints and finishes are used ensuring safety for birds and nestlings. Packaging is always recycled, saving landfills from more unnecessary waste. Several great cats to choose from, Tabbies, Siamese, Tuxedo, leaping or just chilling cats

    These unique birdhouses make for excellent and long-lasting gifts, that will actually be used and enjoyed for many seasons. Especially for cat lovers, nature buffs and backyard birding enthusiasts will definitely get a kick out of the unique designs. Never any worries of the dreaded re-gifting with these great birdhouses.orange tabby unique birdhouse Check them out!

    Siamese Cat Hand Crafted Birdhouse

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    The Savvy Spiral Tube Bird Feeder

    tube bird feeder with spiral runWith so many choices in wild bird feeders these days, it’s kinda difficult to decide what type to buy. There are standard hopper feeders, which tend to hold larger capacities, and platform feeders, for offering a variety of foods to birds. Fly-thru feeders are generally platforms with roofs to protect birds and food from the elements. You have suet feeders and meal worm feeders, then of course there are the popular tube feeders.

    Tube bird feeders are wonderful for attracting many species, but one problem with them is limited perches or feeding ports. They usually allow only a certain number of birds to feed at once. Two, four, maybe six ports on most models. The spiral tube feeders accommodate more birds, as the designs allows for the whole tube to be accessed for food. Birds love to “run” the spiral and it makes for a great show too! These spiral feeders are available for thistle seed, (or nyjer) for feeding finches, peanuts for feeding jays, woodpeckers nuthatches, and for standard seed mixes too. The powder coat construction ensures many seasons of use, by feathered friends and human hosts alike.

    And if you’re new to the great hobby of backyard birding, we can’t stress enough the importance of water. This is by far the best attractor for wild birds to your place. Fresh water in a bird bath will entice many more wild birds than just feeders alone. Especially in winter, a heated bath can be a life saver for many feathered friends!

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    Multi-Purpose Seed Catchers

    large seed catcher is 18.5 inchesA wild bird accessory that does more than one job?

    One of the great thing about seed catchers is that they serve more than one purpose. First and foremost, they prevent ground waste, which in turn prevents weeds from popping up in the garden or lawn. This also creates a healthier habitat for backyard birds. Larger seed catchers also serve as platforms for other birds to feed on the fallen seed. Those who may not perch at the feeder itself, are apt to dine on the large, flat area. So you may end up attracting some new bird species.

    This large 18.5-inch seed catcher is made for a any standard one-inch diameter pole. Because of the innovative design, it also acts as a squirrel baffle, and a good one at that! When squirrels shimmy up the pole, they can not get past the down-turned rim on the seed catcher. Like all Droll Yankees’ quality birding products, this seed catcher ensures many seasons of use and enjoyment. Bye Bye squirrels!