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Anything but boring decorative bird houses

ceramic cupcake decorative birdhouseBirdhouses that are meant for feather friends don’t necessarily have to be boring wooden nest boxes. There are totally fun decorative bird houses with functionality that will also entice wild birds to roost, as well as, nest and raise their young.

In every possible theme imaginable to man, and various materials like wood, resin, vinyl, glass, copper and more, the choices are quite abundant! However, there are a few basic requirements to be considered when choosing decorative bird houses. First, think about who it is you are looking to attract? Then consider the factors below, including the actual entrance diameter of your decorative birdhouse.Fat Cat Hand Carved Decorative Bird House

Clean-out is a must for our avian friends, because birds will not build a nest in a house containing an old one. Dormant, old nests become dusty, invite parasites, and possible predators. When removing old nests, be sure to dispose of them a good distance from the birdhouse – just for this reason alone. And best to wear some rubber gloves too.

Proper ventilation and drainage is also important for a healthy birdhouse environment. Air circulation helps prevent molds and bacteria from forming on the walls and floor. Good drainage in a birdhouse prevents any water build up and puddling that may occur.

Proportional sized entrance is also a major factor.
Here’s a pretty good general guide:
1-1/8″ entrance for Chickadees, House Wrens and other small songbirds,
1-1/4″ for Titmice and Nuthatches
1-1/2″ for Carolina Wrens, Eastern Bluebirds, and Downy Woodpeckers,
2-1/2″ for Purple Martins, Flickers, Red Headed and Hairy Woodpeckers.

As always, be sure to provide a consistent fresh water source for birds. Whether a pond, hanging bath, fountain, or pedestal type birdbath, it is the absolute best method to entice more feathered friends to your yard…and keep them coming back!

…Happy Birding!

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