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    Thank a Veteran with Patriotic Decorative Bird Houses

    In honor of veterans- patriotic Decorative Bird Houses Gift idea # 44: Go patriotic!

    In honor of Veteran’s Day, here’s a few vintage pieces hand made in Texas… and no two are ever alike! With bird-friendly features, the Americana birdhouse makes a grande accent in the landscape that promises to host many successful broods over the years!

    Decorative bird houses are crafted from vintage materials and reclaimed wood, may be pole or post mounted. Their spirit shines through and each is branded by the artist for a most unique gift.

    For year-round outdoor use, birds will find these houses a cozy roost during the off-season. Nest clean-out is fairly simple by removing two screws on the metal roof and gently lifting. Chickadees, wrens, titmice and other friendly fliers would be happy to call this place home!

    On a more decorative note, large vintage flags provide a most unusual focal point, indoors or in the garden. Also crafted from reclaimed wood, each is unique and signed by Lorenzo. So unique in fact… there’s only one in stock!

    For birding patriots this holiday season, Americana series decorative birdhouses and vintage flag rule!flag




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    Get ’em Ready: Decorative Bird Houses and Then Some

    Time to clean and repair decorative birdhouses for nesting seeasonOkay, so maybe this one’s not so decorative, but it’s popular among downy woodpeckers. In time for nesting season 2014, it’s getting a facelift complete with metal predator guard… thanks to squirrels, and my neighbor, Tom. Because the guard was attached without measuring the roof line (duh!) he re-fashioned it to fit perfectly under the roof. Our downy’s say thank you!

    Although it may not seem like it… nesting season is under way! Even though there’s still snow, bird’s instincts tell them it’s time. With just a day or two of warmer temperatures and sunshine, there’s already less activity at feeders and more time spent scouting and claiming nest boxes.

    So it’s time to get all possible nesting spots ready for vacancy! You may have to drag your ladder through the snow… what? You’re not crazy like us? Remove old nests, and be sure boxes are in good repair, securely attached to their mounts, with no loose or questionable parts. If the entries have been damaged or enlarged, simply attach a predator guard to remedy. Your birds will be pleased 🙂

    Here’s one of our new decorative bird houses that won’t need repair because it’s vinyl and comes with metal predator guards already attached. Vinyl/PVC construction and metal predator guards enhance these decorative bird housesIn a stunning Merlot color for spring, it’s like a two-for-one, it will host two families in the dual nest compartments. Four entrances with two bedrooms are perfect for chickadees, bluebirds, titmice and other small backyard birds.

    Townies, the birds who live in the burbs are more likely to see early successful broods and fledges this year than their counterpart county birds. Townies have it good, with feeders, water and housing offered in many scattered backyards. Country birds have a tougher go of it with the miserable weather and what looks to be, a late spring. We hope for the best.

    Competition for nest sites is tough out there!
    So to help wild birds thrive, just pick out a new decorative bird house and nab 10% off, plus free shipping on $95 or more for President’s Day (all week)… our thanks for housing the birds 🙂


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    Curious tenant seeks decorative bird houses

    A Carolina Wren checks out possible vacancies at decorative bird houses Hmmm, could there possibly be a vacancy in there? A Carolina Wren seems a little perplexed with this one! Determined to find a secure nest cavity for the mrs. and his future brood, he’s been eying up some decorative birdhouses the last few days. An inviting natural perch on this one (a stick from the yard) allows observation from a safe vantage point.

    After a few trips back and forth, the wren does indeed take a fancy to this fun birdhouse, and soon begins dragging in nest materials of moss, dried grasses, rootlets and pet hair. We load up and offer natural nesting materials early in the season to encourage birds to take up residence.

    Due to several factors, there really is a severe shortage of natural nest cavities. Competition is fierce, and it’s left many birds literally fighting for space to raise their young. Real estate is tough out there, so even the craziest birdhouses can help native species thrive!

    Ventilation, drainage, and a safe distance from entrance to nest are a few important factors to consider. With this in mind, many a beaked buddy would be thrilled to call these decorative bird houses “home”!