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The New Generation of seed catchers

recyled seed catcher for 4x4 postAs unsightly as it is, ground waste from bird feeders may also be hazardous to birds’ general health. As seed accumulates on the ground, mold and fungus begin to breed, and bacteria forms which can easily spread among local bird populations. Of course weather will affect this process, depending on heat, humidity and rainfall.

Not only protecting the ground below from waste, and sprouting weeds, the newer seed catchers serve a multi-purpose function. Large, platform type areas catch fallen seed that is appealing to other birds who may not use the actual feeder. There is an additional feeding space at play here, allowing you to entice and attract more feathered friends.

This large recycled plastic seed tray, or seed catcher, is fashioned for larger bird feeders that are mounted on 4×4 posts. Its innovative design really fills a need for these types of feeders. Recycled plastic means it will never crack, split, or warp, so it’s virtually indestructible. Screens lift out for easy cleaning too.

seed hoop is adjustable for any bird feederThe new Seed Hoops are another brilliant idea in seed catchers. They’re adjustable to fit any hanging bird feeder, including tube feeders. Available in a 16 and a super 30-inch diameter, they’ll eliminate ground waste from any feeder, while creating additional feeding space for new visitors.

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