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Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder to the Rescue!

squirrel proof bird feederIf the squirrels in your yard believe that your bird feeders are meant for them, then you’ve likely wasted enough money on disappearing seed! The furry critters can eat their weight in bird seed in one week! Even with a baffle, if not placed strategically and correctly, bird feeders will fall prey to the menacing acrobatics of the backyard gray squirrel.

But with a good squirrel proof bird feeder you’ll never have to think of the intruding squirrel again. Every bit of food will remain available for your feathered friends. With a wise investment in a squirrel proof feeder, you will have saved enough money in birdseed over time to pay for it, and save yourself countless episodes of squirrel/bird feeder aggravation!

squirrel proof bird feeder

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