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    turn your feeders into squirrel proof bird feeders

    Twirl-A-Squirrel Renders feeders squirrel-proofBackyard birding can bring a few frustrations to the serene and peaceful hobby. Namely squirrels… they can cause some damage and be a real bummer when constantly raiding bird feeders.

    There are fairly easy ways to turn your existing feeders into squirrel proof bird feeders. With some careful placement and a quality squirrel baffle, your squirrel headache will be solved for good!

    Economical plastic or metal baffles may be installed for pole-mounted feeders and hanging feeders too. On the pole, the baffle sits below the feeder and keeps squirrels from reaching the feeder above. When used on hanging feeders, baffles act as a shield to keep the critters from reaching down past them to the feeder.

    Some baffles, like the Twirl-A-Squirrel shown here, have a motorized compartment which reacts and spins when the weight is significantly increased. It’s very effective against squirrels, and extremely hilarious to watch. But don’t worry, it will not harm the spinning squirrel… only make him a bit dizzy – depending on how long he wants to hang on!

    Check it out in this manufacture’s video clip:

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    Handsome Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders that Really Work

    Sky Cafe Squirrel Proof Bird FeederSquirrels stealing seed from the bird feeder…it’s a miserable yet common theme among backyard birders. Even if you do feed the furry critters, it’s never enough because they always invite their friends! Their acrobatic skills and antics are enough to drive one bonkers!

    Many squirrel proof bird feeders tend to resemble miniature critter jails with their metal cages surrounding a feeder tube. They work well for the most part, but that industrial look justĀ  doesn’t suit all environments. There are better options out there for feeding your birds and foiling squirrels.

    This high quality squirrel proof bird feeder is the called the Sky Cafe. It’s available in several options, including color roof, and seed separators, to offer multiple seed mixes in one feeder. It may be hung or pole mounted with the baffle below the feeder. The Sky Cafe is attractive and very effective at keeping squirrels out of your birdseed.

    Check out why the Sky Cafe is called the “Fort Knox” of feeders in this great manufacturer’s video below and see for yourself. You may get a little chuckle too!

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    Make Yours A Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

    Outwitting squirrels…furiously frustrating to say the least! The age old battle has been going on since the dawn of backyard bird feeding. All kinds of contraptions are available, some with motors, some with springs, some with parts that are bound to break in due time.

    The good news is you don’t need any of that to make your existing feeder a squirrel proof bird feeder. With careful attention to placement and one quality squirrel baffle, the problem’s solved. For hanging bird feeders, just remember the horizontal and vertical launching points. These are objects or branches where squirrels could possibly jump from – gaining access to your feeder. Okay, here’s the kicker: the pesky little acrobats can jump eight feet across, and up to six feet high. Do some serious thinking before placing your hanging feeder.

    For pole or post-mounted bird feeders, the squirrel baffle would obviously sit below the feeder. Make sure the bottom of the baffle is at least four and half feet from the ground. Again, remember the horizontal launching distance as well.

    Attractive and effective squirrel baffles do exist for squirrel proofing your bird feeder, saving seed, money and headaches…happy birding!