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Make Yours A Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Outwitting squirrels…furiously frustrating to say the least! The age old battle has been going on since the dawn of backyard bird feeding. All kinds of contraptions are available, some with motors, some with springs, some with parts that are bound to break in due time.

The good news is you don’t need any of that to make your existing feeder a squirrel proof bird feeder. With careful attention to placement and one quality squirrel baffle, the problem’s solved. For hanging bird feeders, just remember the horizontal and vertical launching points. These are objects or branches where squirrels could possibly jump from – gaining access to your feeder. Okay, here’s the kicker: the pesky little acrobats can jump eight feet across, and up to six feet high. Do some serious thinking before placing your hanging feeder.

For pole or post-mounted bird feeders, the squirrel baffle would obviously sit below the feeder. Make sure the bottom of the baffle is at least four and half feet from the ground. Again, remember the horizontal launching distance as well.

Attractive and effective squirrel baffles do exist for squirrel proofing your bird feeder, saving seed, money and headaches…happy birding!

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