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Make Your Own Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

In my yard there are probably too many bird feeders, and definitely too many squirrels!  I don’t mind feeding the squirrels too, but I used to cringe when they managed to empty a bird feeder.  Over the years I have learned the importance of baffles.  Squirrel baffles, when used properly work very well to keep pesky critters from raiding birdseed.  By using them, you can create squirrel proof bird feeders that really work – for minimal cost and maximum performance.

The thing to remember, is a squirrel’s ability to jump eight feet sideways and four feet high.  The baffles must not be placed too close to any possible “launch sites” for squirrels.  Nor can they be too close to the ground.  If your feeder is hanging, the baffle would be above, its circumference being one-third larger than the feeder.  If there is a pole mounted feeder, the baffle would need to be placed below the feeder, at least four feet from the ground.  With a little bit of effort and minimal cost, you can save money on seed, and save yourself much aggravation!

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