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    squirrel baffle serves as weatherguard too

    squirelmbaffles double as weatherguards tooThe most effective way to foil squirrels and protect your feeders from their disruptive antics, is with a squirrel baffle. A quality baffle is a one-time investment that will save your birdseed and ultimately your money in the long run.

    The best part about using a hanging squirrel baffle is the versatility. Some folks even use them as weather guards alone (like me) to protect feeders from the elements. Most will serve as weather guards throughout the changing seasons. Keeping snow in winter, rain, and direct sun in sweltering summer heat, from ever reaching and spoiling the bird food. This will also save money by keeping food fresher longer. Not to mention, squirrel baffles also protecsquirrel baffle used as a weather guardt feathered friends at your feeder while dining.  Although this feeder hangs from a pole with a baffle in place, one is also used to protect the feeder. Check out that snow sitting on top!

    Planning and proper placement are two key factors when setting up new baffles. One must always remember squirrels’ uncanny acrobatic and athletic abilities! The little furry critters can jump sideways almost 10 feet. So, the horizontal “launching point” must be taken into consideration. Don’t hang the feeder near anything they might be able to jump from sideways. Vertically speaking, be sure the bottom of the feeder is at least five feet from ground level.

    All in all, a great investment for novice to advanced backyard birders. Sparing you much aggravation and headache should squirrels be a problem in the yard.

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    A Squirrel Baffle Will Win the War Against Squirrels

    squirrel foiled by squirrel bffleTired of squirrels raiding your bird feeders?

    It’s an age-old problem that’s been around since folks started feeding birds. At first it may be cute, but then you start to realize how much they can eat! Pesky squirrels can consume their weight in birdseed in just one week, times a few squirrels, and that’s a lot of seed. The cost starts to add up. Then besides that aspect, maaaan, they can be destructive! The little critters can gnaw down wooden bird feeders and render them useless. They’ll even chew and enlarge birdhouse entries to accommodate themselves. The whole scenario starts to become absolutely infuriating! And your peaceful, enjoyable bird feeding efforts have turned into a war with squirrels.

    A properly placed squirrel baffle is a most effective way to foil squirrels. Especially if you already have a favorite feeder, the one-time cost of this accessory will solve a big problem…for a long time. Hapole-mount squirrel bafflenging, post-mount, and even pole mount baffles are available to suit any need. In acrylic, metal and copper, you’ll find that some models are even quite decorative. The most important thing to remember is placement, as squirrels’ acrobatic agility is uncanny. The horizontal launch point – is any object they can jump horizontally from to access the feeder. Make sure the feeder is at least 8-10 feet from any such spot. For a pole or post mounted squirrel baffle, be sure the bottom of the baffle is at least 4-5 feet from the ground.

    Don’t give up bird feeding because of these pesky critters. Squirrel baffles are fairly inexpensive, and a very effective solution to this aggravating problem.

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    Handsome Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders that Really Work

    Sky Cafe Squirrel Proof Bird FeederSquirrels stealing seed from the bird feeder…it’s a miserable yet common theme among backyard birders. Even if you do feed the furry critters, it’s never enough because they always invite their friends! Their acrobatic skills and antics are enough to drive one bonkers!

    Many squirrel proof bird feeders tend to resemble miniature critter jails with their metal cages surrounding a feeder tube. They work well for the most part, but that industrial look just¬† doesn’t suit all environments. There are better options out there for feeding your birds and foiling squirrels.

    This high quality squirrel proof bird feeder is the called the Sky Cafe. It’s available in several options, including color roof, and seed separators, to offer multiple seed mixes in one feeder. It may be hung or pole mounted with the baffle below the feeder. The Sky Cafe is attractive and very effective at keeping squirrels out of your birdseed.

    Check out why the Sky Cafe is called the “Fort Knox” of feeders in this great manufacturer’s video below and see for yourself. You may get a little chuckle too!