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A Squirrel Baffle Will Win the War Against Squirrels

squirrel foiled by squirrel bffleTired of squirrels raiding your bird feeders?

It’s an age-old problem that’s been around since folks started feeding birds. At first it may be cute, but then you start to realize how much they can eat! Pesky squirrels can consume their weight in birdseed in just one week, times a few squirrels, and that’s a lot of seed. The cost starts to add up. Then besides that aspect, maaaan, they can be destructive! The little critters can gnaw down wooden bird feeders and render them useless. They’ll even chew and enlarge birdhouse entries to accommodate themselves. The whole scenario starts to become absolutely infuriating! And your peaceful, enjoyable bird feeding efforts have turned into a war with squirrels.

A properly placed squirrel baffle is a most effective way to foil squirrels. Especially if you already have a favorite feeder, the one-time cost of this accessory will solve a big problem…for a long time. Hapole-mount squirrel bafflenging, post-mount, and even pole mount baffles are available to suit any need. In acrylic, metal and copper, you’ll find that some models are even quite decorative. The most important thing to remember is placement, as squirrels’ acrobatic agility is uncanny. The horizontal launch point – is any object they can jump horizontally from to access the feeder. Make sure the feeder is at least 8-10 feet from any such spot. For a pole or post mounted squirrel baffle, be sure the bottom of the baffle is at least 4-5 feet from the ground.

Don’t give up bird feeding because of these pesky critters. Squirrel baffles are fairly inexpensive, and a very effective solution to this aggravating problem.

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