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Finch Feeders Seeing a Lull? Gift Idea #1

Fun & Easy Finch Feeders-Gift Idea-Day-1For the next 12 days (or there about) we’re offering some fab gift ideas for bird lovers & gardeners on your list! Each icon representative of the Twelve Days of Christmas – so we’re posting the true meaning of the words themselves at the end of each post. Since the popular carol features 6 days of birds… we deemed it most appropriate for the season!

Recently we noticed decreased activity at our finch feeders, so much so… it seems the goldfinches have disappeared? Being resident birds in the southeast, there have been periods of up & down activity, butRainbow Finch Feeder at full capacity no birds are to be found at present. The nyjer seed is fresh, cleaner emptied and scrubbed two weeks ago, and feeders with finch mix are good too.

Although other birds partake in finch mixes; cardinals & sparrows (the good ones) – it is from past experience we know the usual suspects will again return! Because of this, finch feeders are a swell idea for any bird lover or gardening addict.

The tiny black seed won’t germinate, and goldfinches are one the sweetest songbirds to grace the yard. The Rainbow Finch Feeder shown here is an awesomely inexpensive and impressive feeder! It boasts 18 perches which offer a delightful view when occupied at once. It comes in two sizes (regular and super) to accommodate big crowds, and it’s available for immediate shipping via USPS Priority Mail, usually 3 days to anywhere in the country.

One down… 11 more easy & fun gift ideas to come!

Oh yeah, the partridge: symbolizes Jesus.

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