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    Handle the Crowds with Innovative Finch Feeders

    copper spiral finch feederSo many birds yet so few perches… it’s standing room only with no room at the bird feeder! Depending on the season, this happens often, especially with goldfinches in early fall.

    What do ya do when you can’t accommodate all your yellow feathered friends? Several options to feed lots of goldfinches at once might include adding a new finch feeder and/or hanging a few inexpensive thistle socks.

    Standard perches aren’t the only way birds get seed at feeders; fun spirals like the one at left and “all-over” screen feeders shown below actually offer birds more space at the dinner table!Finch Feeder with all-over screen

    Because of their late nesting season, goldfinches abound in late summer/early fall, but they’re molting process begins with dull, olive-drab winter feathers appearing. Should other finches who enjoy thistle (or nyjer) seed be hogging feeders, there’s a cool upside-down model designed just for the goldfinch. upside down finch feeder

    Some of these other birds at finch feeders might include redpolls, pine siskins, house finches and more, so competition can get thick, and the sweet yellow ones really don’t compete much at feeders.

    An economical way to give everyone a fair share is with thistle socks. The hanging mesh thistle feeders typically come in white, yellow or black , with some red ones fancied up for holiday. So popular nowadays, you may even see them in your grocery store’s bird section! Black Thistle Sock for Finches

    Two other great things about feeding finches thistle seed is that it won’t germinate to cause weeds, and squirrels usually leave these feeders in peace!


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    Finch Feeders Seeing a Lull? Gift Idea #1

    Fun & Easy Finch Feeders-Gift Idea-Day-1For the next 12 days (or there about) we’re offering some fab gift ideas for bird lovers & gardeners on your list! Each icon representative of the Twelve Days of Christmas – so we’re posting the true meaning of the words themselves at the end of each post. Since the popular carol features 6 days of birds… we deemed it most appropriate for the season!

    Recently we noticed decreased activity at our finch feeders, so much so… it seems the goldfinches have disappeared? Being resident birds in the southeast, there have been periods of up & down activity, butRainbow Finch Feeder at full capacity no birds are to be found at present. The nyjer seed is fresh, cleaner emptied and scrubbed two weeks ago, and feeders with finch mix are good too.

    Although other birds partake in finch mixes; cardinals & sparrows (the good ones) – it is from past experience we know the usual suspects will again return! Because of this, finch feeders are a swell idea for any bird lover or gardening addict.

    The tiny black seed won’t germinate, and goldfinches are one the sweetest songbirds to grace the yard. The Rainbow Finch Feeder shown here is an awesomely inexpensive and impressive feeder! It boasts 18 perches which offer a delightful view when occupied at once. It comes in two sizes (regular and super) to accommodate big crowds, and it’s available for immediate shipping via USPS Priority Mail, usually 3 days to anywhere in the country.

    One down… 11 more easy & fun gift ideas to come!

    Oh yeah, the partridge: symbolizes Jesus.

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    Use a Sunflower Mix in Finch Feeders

    Lots of different birds at finch feeders using sunflower mixBack oil sunflower seed is likely the most versatile of all birdseed. We prefer using the meats or hearts as they leave less ground waste and more species are apt to chow down! Even in finch feeders, using a mix that contains sunflower hearts will bring more color and more birds to the feeder.

    During cold weather, a wide variety of feathered friends will absolutely find chopped sunflower a tasty treat! Cardinals, who’d rather not perch on narrow trays, chickadees, warblers, bluebirds, Carolina wrens and the other usual suspects will go for the high fat, high protein seed.

    When chopped and mixed with thistle (a popular store-bought mix) it provides a hearty meal for many! Finch feeders with trays accommodate more birds than those with perches alone too. Because thistle won’t germinate and the sunflower is void of shells… it’s a really clean seed mix with almost zero waste. Sure, thistle hulls will accumulate, but no weeds will sprout! Just scoop it up with a small garden shovel every few weeks.

    Hanging candle holder for jelly in springWe promise, just because a feeder is called by a certain name or kind- doesn’t mean that’s all it does. Finch feeders need not only offer thistle for finches! And by the way, you can fashion a great jelly feeder for orioles using a small hanging candle holder, suet feeders rock for offering nesting materials… get the picture?use suet feeders for nesting material