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an artful glass bird feeder

copper and stained glass bird feederNow glass birdhouses may not be such a great idea as severe weather conditions can wreak havoc on inside temperatures. Extreme heat (if in the line of direct sun) may not be so healthy for eggs or hatchlings.

Glass bird feeders on the other hand, can add a fantastic focal point to the garden or yard. True works of art, the hand crafted glass bird feeders feature a long lost kind of art, and it shows in the craftsmanship.

This copper and stained glass bird feeder features a hand hammered roof, and the generous tray allows for multiple perching spots so several birds can feed at once. The overhang roof helps to protect seed form the elements, while the large capacity hopper holds several ponds of any seed mix. This artist features several vibrant hues of stained glass, and custom work is always a pleasure to create. If you’re stumped for a great Valentine’s gift that will last for years… and actually be admired and enjoyed, consider a work of art – a one-of-kind glass bird feeder in your choice of colors! Copper and Stained Glass Bird Feeder

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