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    Unique Bird Feeders Can be Custom Made

    Unique bird feeders offering custom colors, hang or pole-mountGift idea #39-Give  favorite colors

    If considering a gift of nature for someone special this year, consider one that might be customized to suit the recipient’s favorite colors, or even their favorite team.

    These unique bird feeders offer a variety of stained glass hues, you can even choose two colors for a heartfelt, hand picked gift. Requested one year was a red and green option for Christmas. It sounded a tad garish for such a Copper and stained glass bird feederstunning art piece, but it actually came out beautifully…
    and the recipient was thrilled!

    Some other post-mounted bird feeders offer custom team colors too. Also made in the USA, durable PVC will never crack, mildew, peel or rot. See? That’s part of the beauty of these unique feeders! The quality and materials will last for years of enjoyment- by birds and their hosts alike.

    Team colors offered on these unique bird feeders

    Shown with standard roof choice, all styles of feeders and houses are available in 12 team choices! Check out these cool combinations for the sports-birding enthusiast on your list!

    Blue-Whitevinyl birdhouses and unique feeders in team colors

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    Something a bit more fun than hopper bird feeders

    Opt for something a little more exciting than hopper bird feedersSo many wild bird feeders yet so little time!

    With summer months come new visitors, the exotics and migratory birds who winter in South and Central America. Recently we had the coolest family of Catbirds, their calls are most intriguing, one could sit and listen for hours if time allowed. A lone Oriole passed through, and a Painted Bunting proved for some real eye candy. Of course, one of our all-time favorites, hummingbirds showed up a few weeks early this year too.

    None of these birds are likely to check out our boring hopper bird feeders, so the variety offered is a good way to entice more beaked buddies. Fresh water in a birdbath is also an excellent way to attract more birds too.

    This handcrafted number is made from stoneware and bamboo to ensure many seasons of use. There’s a small hopper for a cache of peanuts or larger seed mixes, hollow logs for stuffing suet treats, and a stoneware ring for an ear of corn… now that’s variety! Standard suet cakes may be cut into sections for filling the logs, and plenty of dough type suets are available. They’re easy to scoop out and pliable for inserting. Although Mr. Jay is shown here, lots of other species are bound to check out the cool design with multiple offerings.

    But should you still be stuck on traditional hopper style feeders, one can Take one hopper feeder kit, a little imagination, and it's anything but mundanestill be creative with a kit like this one. Sturdy cedar means this feeder will be around for years, and imagination is the limit. Paint it in bold, fun colors or add an interesting stain. Then your boring hopper bird feeder is anything but mundane!



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    cool glass bird feeder resembles the old mod pod

    Groovy Glass Bird Feeder is like the old Mod Pod, but better!Here’s a new twist on an old favorite, the Mod Pod bird feeder produced a few years ago by Birdbrain. The bright colors and groovy designs really caught folks’ attention (and birds too), so it was a real bummer when they discontinued the line of feeders.

    Enter this oval glass bird feeder that’s actually frost resistant ceramic. The improved design is an added bonus because it accommodates a variety of treats for your beaked buddies! Sort of  like a Fly-Thru feeder, you can offer birdseed mixes, peanuts, fruit, suet, and crumbles & nuggets in this fun glass bird feeder. Change up the menu according to seasons – and who you’d like to attract. The open design also makes filling and cleaning a snap.

    Shown in light lime, the Mod Oval Bird Feeder comes in cool Winter Blue as well. A high quality glass bird feeder that promises many seasons of use and enjoyment by birds and hosts too!