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Add a Water Source Near Butterfly Feeders

Stoneware Butterfly PuddlerThe butterfly activity around our yard is amazing this season! As compared to last summer, there seems to be at least three to four times more. We have no butterfly feeders per se, but do use various things to attract and keep them around…and it works great!

Flowers in the garden include Lantana, Butterfly Bush, Bee Balm, Abelia shrubs, and Milkweed. The best part is that these are all perennials, quite hardy, and come back bigger every year. There are also two leaf misters which butterflies flit back and forth above all day long in our excruciating summer heat, hummingbirds love them too!. Leaf Misters Attract Butterfies TooThe newest addition to lure butterflies is large stoneware puddler. With a spot for water in the center, the smooth, white rock gives them a place to rest in the sun and dry off, sun bathing if you will.

So, even without the use of butterfly feeders, you can still entice and attract these graceful and beautiful creatures. Create a habitat for wildlife in your yard by planting trees, shrubs and flowers to provide food and shelter, and adding a fresh water source for birds and wildlife. It brings nature home, and helps the environment too.

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