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    Something a bit more fun than hopper bird feeders

    Opt for something a little more exciting than hopper bird feedersSo many wild bird feeders yet so little time!

    With summer months come new visitors, the exotics and migratory birds who winter in South and Central America. Recently we had the coolest family of Catbirds, their calls are most intriguing, one could sit and listen for hours if time allowed. A lone Oriole passed through, and a Painted Bunting proved for some real eye candy. Of course, one of our all-time favorites, hummingbirds showed up a few weeks early this year too.

    None of these birds are likely to check out our boring hopper bird feeders, so the variety offered is a good way to entice more beaked buddies. Fresh water in a birdbath is also an excellent way to attract more birds too.

    This handcrafted number is made from stoneware and bamboo to ensure many seasons of use. There’s a small hopper for a cache of peanuts or larger seed mixes, hollow logs for stuffing suet treats, and a stoneware ring for an ear of corn… now that’s variety! Standard suet cakes may be cut into sections for filling the logs, and plenty of dough type suets are available. They’re easy to scoop out and pliable for inserting. Although Mr. Jay is shown here, lots of other species are bound to check out the cool design with multiple offerings.

    But should you still be stuck on traditional hopper style feeders, one can Take one hopper feeder kit, a little imagination, and it's anything but mundanestill be creative with a kit like this one. Sturdy cedar means this feeder will be around for years, and imagination is the limit. Paint it in bold, fun colors or add an interesting stain. Then your boring hopper bird feeder is anything but mundane!



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    It’s Not a Tray, not a hopper, nor a tube bird feeder

    The All Weather is better thanany tube bird feeder for winterIt’s deemed the “All Weather Feeder” and rightfully so!

    An innovative design keeps seed dry- no matter what! Rain, snow and sleet can not penetrate this durable feeder because unlike a typical tube bird feeder, the seed ports are totally protected from the elements, even from driving, blowing rain.

    Birds perch on a generous seed tray, and eat seed from above. The design consists of a built in weather guard, that overhangs and protects seed ports (and birds too). The All-Weather Feeder is available in a four or 6-quart capacity, and may be pole mounted or hung. There’s also an optional squirrel guard, or cage that fits around the open feeding area to keep pesky squirrels out! Stainless steel construction along with sturdy polycarbonate casing means this feeder won’t yellow with age either.

    The optimal seed for this cool feeder is black oil sunflower, or a mix of safflower and black oil. Striped sunflower is actually too large for the seed ports. If you’re looking for a truly weather-proof bird feeder, this is it! By the way… it ships for free too 🙂

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    A very Cool Copper & glass bird feeder

    copper and glass bird feeder is quite groovyWith daylight hours starting to wane, the activity around backyard bird feeders is actually gearing up. Hummingbirds especially are frenzied around feeders, preparing for their migration south.Be sure to keep your feeders fresh and full until freezing becomes a problem.

    Seed feeders too are being emptied at quicker rate. This cool glass bird feeder holds five pounds of seed, but it’s being filled every 3 or 4 days at our place. And it’s not the only one! Our North Georgia yard hosts about 20 different kinds of bird feeders!

    It’s wonderful to watch, when the time is actually taken to sit on the deck with a cup of coffee and just watch. Some friends visited last week and said: “it looks like Hartsfield Airport at rush hour back here”. Honestly… at times it really does!