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A very Cool Copper & glass bird feeder

copper and glass bird feeder is quite groovyWith daylight hours starting to wane, the activity around backyard bird feeders is actually gearing up. Hummingbirds especially are frenzied around feeders, preparing for their migration south.Be sure to keep your feeders fresh and full until freezing becomes a problem.

Seed feeders too are being emptied at quicker rate. This cool glass bird feeder holds five pounds of seed, but it’s being filled every 3 or 4 days at our place. And it’s not the only one! Our North Georgia yard hosts about 20 different kinds of bird feeders!

It’s wonderful to watch, when the time is actually taken to sit on the deck with a cup of coffee and just watch. Some friends visited last week and said: “it looks like Hartsfield Airport at rush hour back here”. Honestly… at times it really does!

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