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    Unofficial Launch and a $3K Copper Bird Feeder?

    Same logo, same great serviceWell it’s unofficial, we’re roosting at some new digs now!

    It took a while but there’s a new & improved birdhouse chick website! The best part is after 8 years, you’ll find the same personal service that brings our customers back again & again, plus some really cool birding wares and garden art. The site’s mobile friendly and easier to navigate, but we’re still working out some kinks. Hey, we’re simple nature folk, feed the birds and dig in the dirt, we’ll happily leave coding to the web developers!

    Copper Bird FeederAs for the $3000 copper bird feeder? You can nab one for about $350 (with the promo code MC10) Why the ridiculous price tag? All in good fun and a charity bidding war! Last week in Wilson, NC, Mulligans Fore Kids held a charity event complete with auction. It seems a bidding war ensued over the item, fetching an impressive donation for the kids.

    Is the feeder worth a few hundred bucks? You bet! Because it’s maintenance-free, sans any wood at all used in construction- it pretty much┬álasts forever. The secret is vinyl – like the kind use in housing construction. It won’t deteriorate like wood because its impervious to the elements. Give this impressive bird feeder a good cleaning with the garden hose and forceful spray, it won’t do any harm.

    Feed the birds in style while creating a stunning focal point in the landscape. And please do check out our new site… logo above will take you straight there and don’t forget the promo code!

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    Still Time for Stunning Copper Bird Feeder Gifts!

    Elves very busy with holiday giftsGift Idea #3 Entice birds with timeless elegance

    So many great suggestions… so little time! The elves got caught up with the “holidaze”, busy-busy crunching out fantastic gifts birds love! That’s basically where our other 22 gift ideas went, it’s been all hands on-deck!copper bird feeder in traditional gazebo style

    As far as getting it there by Christmas without spending a fortune on expedited shipping? We’ve got this one figured out!

    You can send an awesome copper bird feeder or house (with free shipping-as always). The recipient will receive a special package by the 24th, that’s sent Express Mail. It contains a few goodies for the birds, and a hand-written note letting them know something very special is on its way! Since there’s some info enclosed about the house or feeder, they pretty much know it’s one or the other… but they don’t know just how nice it actually is. Definitely a fun gift that piques curiosity!

    Aside from the traditional gazebo styles, there’s large capacity hoppers for the extreme birder. These newer designs accommodate 10, even 20 lbs. of seed, and offer hanging copper bird feeder holds ten pounds of seedpost-mounted and hanging versions as well. Because all of our copper feeders and birdhouses are constructed (in the USA) of durable vinyl/PVC, they last a lifetime, and cleaning is as simple as using the garden hose with a forceful spray.

    No flanges or parts required for mounting, installation is simple with the attached mounting collar. It slides right on a standard 4×4 wood post, and the decorative brackets are included too. Both are vinyl to ensure there’s no deterioration. Even the finials are composite resin. The coolest thing is that these look like wood- you can’t tell the difference, and oh yeah… and birds love them too!

    But this pre-gift package must ship by Monday, 12:00 pm, EST. It’s really the last call for an on-time Christmas delivery without wasting money on expedited ship services!

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    Vinyl Hopper Bird Feeders with Extra Large Capacity

    large capacity hopper bird feedersTired of filling puny feeders every other day? With migrations under way bird feeders are likely to be seeing increased activity over the next few weeks. Food and fresh water greatly help migratory birds on their way south.

    These stunners pass for wood, in fact you’d swear they were wood… but they’re vinyl. The kind that’s used in housing construction, so you can bet it’s durable and everlasting! As is the copper roof, whether bright and shiny or aged patina, the 16-gauge copper (with brass rivets) also lasts a lifetime. These feeders will never warp, crack, mildew or split to boot.

    Now for the best part… (drum roll please) the hoppers are definitely whoppers! In two sizes that are both fairly large, these hopper bird feeders hold 10 and 20 lbs. of seed. The traditional post mounted feeder is complete with decorative brackets (also vinyl) and a newer hanging style offers more flexibility for placement in the landscape.hanging hopper bird feeders Even the finials are a composite resin to ensure there’s no deterioration whatsoever.

    There are houses to match, and lots of folks purchase them for the aesthetic flavor, a timeless elegance in the garden. But it’s the folks who purchase feeders who actually feed the birds! So if you’re looking for a really large capacity feeder… look no further! Probably a little more than the planned spend, we can guarantee these feeders will never require maintenance and will certainly never need to be replaced.

    For a thorough cleaning, simply take the garden hose to it with cloth in hand. For any build-up of environmental grime, a little soapy water is all it takes to revive the crisp white color. If there were ever a product we couldn’t be more proud to offer… it’s our time tested and bird-approved hopper feeders!