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Unofficial Launch and a $3K Copper Bird Feeder?

Same logo, same great serviceWell it’s unofficial, we’re roosting at some new digs now!

It took a while but there’s a new & improved birdhouse chick website! The best part is after 8 years, you’ll find the same personal service that brings our customers back again & again, plus some really cool birding wares and garden art. The site’s mobile friendly and easier to navigate, but we’re still working out some kinks. Hey, we’re simple nature folk, feed the birds and dig in the dirt, we’ll happily leave coding to the web developers!

Copper Bird FeederAs for the $3000 copper bird feeder? You can nab one for about $350 (with the promo code MC10) Why the ridiculous price tag? All in good fun and a charity bidding war! Last week in Wilson, NC, Mulligans Fore Kids held a charity event complete with auction. It seems a bidding war ensued over the item, fetching an impressive donation for the kids.

Is the feeder worth a few hundred bucks? You bet! Because it’s maintenance-free, sans any wood at all used in construction- it pretty much┬álasts forever. The secret is vinyl – like the kind use in housing construction. It won’t deteriorate like wood because its impervious to the elements. Give this impressive bird feeder a good cleaning with the garden hose and forceful spray, it won’t do any harm.

Feed the birds in style while creating a stunning focal point in the landscape. And please do check out our new site… logo above will take you straight there and don’t forget the promo code!

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